[Proposal] Dashboard to view the $BAL community

Dashboard to view the $BAL community

Web app and dashboard to visualize the Balancer community, including who is earning $BAL, what they are doing with it (hodling, selling CEX/DEX, LPing, etc), and whether they are participating in governance votes.


We’ll aggregate metrics on the accounts holding and trading $BAL and present it in a web app to give a real sense of community. $BAL holders will be able to self-identify if they’d like to, building a brand and influence in the Balancer community and providing proof of their skin-in-the-game.


The Balancer community is split across Discord, Forums, Telegram, and crypto twitter, making community building difficult and obfuscating participants. As governance is moved to the community, it’s important to be able to visualize and catalyze participation, similar to what Compound has gone through.


20k $BAL vesting over 1 year.

September 2020:

  • MVP release to visualize the Balancer community

November 2020:

  • Allow self-identification and branding

** January 2021:**

  • View LP rewards, top pool creators, voting, and more!


The project will be open source under MIT license and will be publicly available at this address on the release: https://github.com/corbinpage.


Corbin Page
Role: dev, product
GitHub: https://github.com/corbinpage

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I personally see no value in this although I do think the balancer admins needs to pick where they want to be active. I agree that Discord, Forums, Telegram, and twitter is too much. The first goal needs to be for the admins to tell us the proper way they intend to communicate with users. The second needs to be chosen way to interact with the community. The third needs to be where the community can interact with each other (maybe without the admins).

I also do not want an online profile linked to my BAL…which is then linked to my other holdings.

With all due respect, I hope this never happens.

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The Balancer team discussed this proposal and we liked it a lot. We need to concentrate communication and information.

@inq08: I don’t think the proposal will force anyone to have their BAL linked to an online profile, this is optional.

I would love if more people could chime in here so we could get this ball rolling.

Just to confirm @corbpage: you meant 20k USD in BAL, vested like all the other grants, right?


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Thanks Fernando, and I agree that it’ll be important for sustaining a community long-term and through growth!

Yep, $20k USD in BAL works for me, vested like the other grants.

Let me know if it’s looking like it’ll be approved, and I’ll get started on the designs for the MVP. Cheers!

Maybe I have just misunderstood but I’m also not entirely sure of the value of this?

The only key thing that I believe would be useful to know would be what % of people holding BAL are actually voting. But then that isn’t too hard to see with some manual work by taking BAL votes, total BAL and less shareholder BAL and you’ll arrive at a percentage.

The compound dashboard is cool but you’d have to build profiles as well and have people willing to give away their identities (which it doesn’t seem likely). Would building out profiles and naming them be part of this grant as well?

Thanks for the feedback @tongnk!

Yep, imagine the Compound leaderboard but where folks can optionally add their Twitter/Discord/etc identities (likely using 3Box) or stay totally anonymous. We’ll have some nice charts showing the breakdown of $BAL holders and changes over time (so not trivial for anyone to compile and make).

From that MVP☝, the goal will be to contribute to building the best decentralized community for $BAL holders. We’ll go where the users want us to go, whether that’s more functionality around Proposals/votings, top pool creators, top LP rewards, most active voice on Twitter, etc.

Let me know if that makes sense.

I think spurring a strong community around Balancer is massively important to long-term value and network effects, as we’ve seen with Compound, ChainLink, and others over the past year in DeFi.

I think that this proposal can help also to select in which people can delagate your votes. As no all the people can follow all the activity and decisions of the protocol, delegation will be more important. If you care about the project but doesn´t have time or technical skill what you can do is to select the best people to delegate your vote.

Would be cool to have something more visual to understand like uniswap. It is something that balancer is missing I think.

:heavy_plus_sign: Strongly agree on delegated voting @JesusPerez_Crypto_Pl!

Could you link me to the visual you’re referencing @balmastercollector and I’ll take a look? Something like https://uniswap.info or https://pools.fyi/#/?

Just wanted to formalize (it was not mentioned on this thread) that this grant was accepted with 1000 BAL, at the time of acceptance worth ~20k USD.

@corbpage any news here or drafts the community could give feedback on or help with?


Is there any way to adjust that BAL amount after the recent price drawdown?

My data provider costs are $300/mo for the off chain tagging information, so that doesn’t leave much left if we assume 3 years of operation.

I think updating the grant after the drawdown opens a very serious and bad precedent. We didn’t ask people to review the grant amounts when the price skyrocketed (which would have been unfair). Part of the idea of giving grants in BAL is to have the grantees staked and with skin in the game however the price of BAL moves.

Nonetheless, since your costs for this are so high in order to be fair we could take some or all of the operation costs. Are the $300/mo generated exclusively for Balancer or is it a tool that you use for many different purposes? If so, how would you allocate our fair share?

Thanks for your understanding @corbpage and I’m happy to hear more opinions by the community if they think what I just wrote does not make sense. It’s just my view.

Potentially if Balancer pays for the infrastructure it could be shared across all other grant holders to utilise.

An example is Balancer currently pays for Intercom - other projects could have a section under that and be able to utilise it to provide helpful support articles to the user base whilst also getting exposure from users who are browsing through the docs.

Would be good to understand what data provider is being suggested here and if other projects would be able to leverage it as well.

Another tool that might be useful to share across projects could be something similar to https://www.upvoty.com/ to gather feedback + communicate with community about the planned roadmap

Hey guys,
I’ve been using Nansen, Codefi Data, and Etherscan for the labels so far.

Let me know if there’s a decision to have these services as a shared cost by Balancer. Otherwise, I’m inclined to go work on some other projects given the costs and payout (but likely including Balancer!).

I also think this project might need some adjustment given the recent Balancer/Aragon/Snapshot news (exciting stuff). There might be too much overlap there.

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hi, I need a group where I can ask questions about staking

hi @sonic, have you visited our discord server yet? here’s the link: https://discord.gg/qjFcczk

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