General Balancer Site Feedback

Hi, I wanted to give some general site feedback as a user of the platform and many other liquidity provider sites. I am hoping this is an okay place to post this and hope none of this is taken as a negative.

  • Different time series choices on charts, 1M, 6M, YTD, etc.

    • sub-point, was there a decision to take out the liquidity/volume/fee return charts in the move from V1 to V2, I think some people would them?
  • Display your % of the total pool supply

  • Display of BAL price somewhere, at least on the invest side. You have the conversion when you click the claim button, but I think it is a good thing to show prominently since this an incentive of the platform today

  • Custom slippage covered up by up/down arrow on Firefox; same when you click the wallet address for settings (see screenshot)Untitled

  • Is it possible to put an indicator on tokens in token list that are eligible for BAL for high gas (similar to pools you are eligible for on the invest side)? The whitelist in the doc has the address but no the token ticker so people would have to look them up one by one on coingecko or similar


Thanks so much for this feedback @zekraken! I think @gerg is probably the best person to answer you and discuss these ideas with the Balancer Labs UI team. Thanks for this Gerg!


@zekraken this is great feedback, thanks so much. I’ll definitely get these suggestions to the UI team (they’re already digging into the up/down arrows on slippage)

If you’re interested in helping out with our periodic UI testing just give me a holler, it’s always great to get notes from detail oriented people :slight_smile:

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Adding some more thoughts. There may have been conscious decisions to not include any of the below information, so for those please ignore.

  • Some information showing approximately how much $1000 invested would get you in terms of BAL when investing in a particular pool, would probably make sense to show per week rather than per day since that is the frequency of the current BAL payout

  • I’ve never seen this on any platform, maybe because it is too much effort, but I’ve always found myself wondering what % of pool fees earned can be linked to my investment; should be simple math, but so much quicker if it is done for you, more below :grinning:

  • For the first two it is understood that the APR is highlighted to users on the page, but having this data presented is nice so the user doesn’t have to calculate themselves and it is a quick point of comparison to be used between pools

  • Is it possible to show your current holdings in a pool where your holding amount will change due to market price changes? Example, for the 80/20 BAL/WETH pool, started with 50 BAL / 0.50 WETH but now it is 60 BAL / 0.45 WETH. Maybe a hover over on the “my balance” amount

  • Now this one could be seen as a positive or negative, but I was also thinking growth #s for the list of pools, i.e. change in pool value in 1 or 7 days; this could be something you could sort/filter on potentially

  • You can add the same token multiple times for “filter by token” if you click the token in your wallet; see screenshot

  • Open to others’ opinions, but for the main header section, “My V2 Balancer investments”, there are probably a few other impactful data points you could add to this section, this is one of your prime real estates on the invest page. You don’t want a ton of data, but one or two more important items like, BAL claimed (or have to claim) might be a good one to start

  • Adding one more purely my opinion, is it possible to remove the decimal places in the table of pool data on the invest page if the value is under 10 thousand? I feel that the decimals make the number look bigger than it is if is next to a 100K or 1MM value.


Sorry for the multiple posts here, I wish there was a better way I could append items, but the edit ability goes away after a few days. I came across a few more items that I’d like to post while doing some testing recently.

  • Could the price of the tokens be added as a hover over when you click into a pool?
    • Could there be a button to add the pool’s BPT token to your metamask on polygon? Same applies to ETH mainnet I imagine. Some people like to see how much of the LP they are holding
      • On that same point, after trading give button to add token you are buying to metamask
    • Slider when withdrawing a single token just like when you are withdrawing multiple
    • pool returns and HODL percentages overlap when values are close to each other