Gauging interest with a community ran swag store

I’m curious if there is interest in developing a Balancer community governed swag store (selling t-shirts, ball caps, stickers, etc.).

One option could be to emulate Brave’s store: Brave Swag that utilizes Origin’s DShop [additional links: GitHub / Medium / Dashboard)

I’m sure there are other options so I’m definitely open to discussing specifics for a proposal to create a defined process on how to vote on the items being sold (snapshot? forum discussion?); reward mechanism for artists submitting work (approval for appropriateness that would result in a set BAL reward and then entered into a competition?) Use of sales (profit) proceeds flowing back to the community to fund additional contests and/or giveaways.

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Definitely think this is a great idea, and we have all seen how some swag can suddenly explode in price once a protocol gains the necessary momentum.

I’d say that having a more limited edition approach might work better given the current NFT craze, and seems to then always keep the actual store fresh with interesting and new stuff.

With such a cool project name, there is literally a ton of awesome creative art that could make it’s way into this store. Since it would be decentralized, we could even commission some stuff to crypto artists and have them collaborate with our exchange for this purpose, as you already mentioned, exposing the project into this new frontier, and vice versa :))

How exactly would the shipping and the actual creation be handled? Would this be done individually per asset in the shop and the artist, or would we have a council of sort to govern this part of the shop?


Always a good idea! Think the Balancer logo is suitable for some good artwork.

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a limited edition NFT launch coinciding with v2 would be pretty amazing


Not sure if this is exactly what you had in mind with merch ideas, but here’s a quick (slightly misaligned) attempt at a little wooden BAL token


Thanks for all the feedback so far, and based on starting things out my initial thoughts is to stick close to what other projects have done. In particular, I find Origin’s DShop interesting for the online store and fulfillment thru Printful (same as what the Brave project used). This would provide NFT support to a degree along with the ability to have shipping handled thru Printful. Payments would be sent to an ETH address that could then be utilized based on whatever a future vote would entail (supporting materials at an event, etc.). Actual merchandise in the store would be either designated by a committee or open to a vote as well.

Dude! I would 100% rock Balancer Logo black Ts and big black hoodies! Definitely.

However, quality must come first in my view. Nothing worse than enthusiastically buying merch for something you support only to receive it in the mail and be disappointed with the quality.


I cannot wait for this! Bring it on y’all!

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Here’s a mock-up of the store front with a few items added for review: Origin Dshop

At this time, due to lower cost commitment (Printful handles on demand orders and DShop is free to setup and use). My proposal would be to conduct a pilot program to develop a few items to sell and vote on the cost of the items (the prices right now are set at $0 profit). This in my opinion is more to raise visibility and support the project. Open to all ideas at the same time.


Community Swag would be awesome!

It’s also worth plugging MetaFactory to help with design, distribution, etc.

They primarily work with decentralized communities on merch and have done great work with Sushiswap, Yam, Yearn, etc. Most of the drops always seems to run pretty well & sell out.

Could definitely be a viable option. Happy to connect the team w/ whoever wants to take point on this :slight_smile:


Looks like Balancer already has swag based on one of their tweets today so I’m going to let that unfold as it would be easier for them just to proceed with creating a store front than re-creating merchandise ideas.

A shiny silver Balancer NFT for the silver release could be fitting.