Let's bring Balancer technology to MakerDao

I am working on a set of proposals about some MakerDao modules, these changes include Balancer technology (VE8020), I invite you to read the posts, give your feedback, improve the idea, make a better explanation, or any contribution you want.

I wait for them


Sorry @Jadmat for not replying sooner here.

As you already know a lot of people on Balancer’s side are super excited about your proposals: we think Balancer tech can be very helpful for Maker, supporting at the same time the liquidity incentivization of MKR but also the Smart Burn Engine with possibly TWAMMs.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation.

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This is exciting @Jadmat - do you plan to build a native solution for the VE8020? We’re working with Protofire, who are building a VE launchpad supported by Balancer Grants. Maybe that solution would work for MakerDAO too?

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Tomorrow Thursday, 6pm UTC @Mike_B will present the proposals on the MakerDao forum; everyone is invited to participate

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