Badges bounty idea

Hi Everyone!
I was thinking how can we improve and gamify participation in Balancer community and then I remembered the POAP I got a few times. Turns our Maker is doing something similar, so I wanted to get your feedback on putting up a bounty as follows:

Proposal abstract:
This is “inspired” by MakerDAO badges. A video game like “achievement” would be a fun way to engage users. It gives all participants (large and small) a way to be proud of their on chain activity and show off to their peers. These badges would only have personal value since they would be non-transferable. Some ideas for individual badges which users could claim:

  • creating a LP
  • providing Liquidity
  • vote in a governance poll
  • transfer 100 BAL, transfer 1000000 BAL, etc
  • build a tool

Much of the implementation for an idea like has already been done here: GitHub - poapxyz/poap: ⛔️ DEPRECATED - Proof Of Attendance Protocol. A POAP is a digital collectible created as a NFT powered by the ethereum.

From Balancer’s point of view, here is how the badges would work:

On the backend, we run a script every hour that checks for new badges.
User 0xabe1 logs into metamask, goes to
If 0xabe1 is on the list of claimable badges, then we sign a message with our issuance key saying that “0xabe1 can claim the DSR badge at 0x2345”
The user signs the signed message above. This proves that both parties want the badge issued, and the issuer (Balancer) can execute the transaction and issue the badge. Balancer would pay the gas for this transaction.


Hi Marta,

POAPs are a good way for people to display their involvement with a protocol. I have some POAPs on xDAI. Frankly I am not aware anymore of most the POAPs I have there as I do not display them actively.

A proper way for me to display POAPs would be an assigned rank in Discord. BAL users interact via Discord alot. Having a POAP linked to a role in the Balancer Discord might help in the long run connect people with similar interest. Maybe we see “working groups” forming in the future based on earned POAPs.

However personally I am cautious of people linking my Discord handle to my address. This should be addressed.

Key takeaway:
Interaction in Discord with a richer set of roles can help foster community engagement. POAPs can be a good tool to facilitate.


@HavOx , @tongnk , @Andrea81 what do you think? I thought this is an idea that would resonate with you, but would like to see if you have any additional tweaks?
@immutbl Do you think this would be a good bounty idea?

Hello @marta,

The POAP idea is great! However I also agree with @Mkflow27.
I have some POAP myself but at the moment there is no way we can show these badges on discord or in here.

Nevertheless, I think we should go forward with it while we figure out a way to preserve privacy.

Whats the next course of action?

Have been working with the team from Galaxy actually and they’ve created some pretty cool campaigns. Happy to do an intro here if you think it’s valuable

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yes please, @tongnk !

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I like POAP Idea - and I think a test run would be fun and harmless!

The only thing I want to point out is the POAP’s exists on xDai (but can be moved to eth main!) - Since we currently do not have a pool or interaction with that L2 - it might be a little bumpy for some of our community members. I guess until we have a ‘community social hangout space’ - the poaps don’t integrate into discord (to my knowledge) - so we might need to think of a creative way to display the POAP’s within our community.

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Hi guys,

I wanted to touch base regarding this initiative.

The POAP would be a great idea to

  • engage community members,
  • recognise their support,
  • say thank you,
  • give badges to community call participants
  • celebrating specific milestones

Now that Marta is not with us, maybe I can look into this and talk to Santiago from POAP and see what options we have.

I would favour having a very small grant and asking the POAP community for design proposals and ideas.

I see @tongnk with experience on this too, so maybe we could look into it together (if you have time ofc)?

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I ordered an image on fiverr yesterday, once I get it I was going to submit details for the Tech Update event to POAP. Once they approve the event, I was going to try to setup their discord bot to distribute the POAP at the time of the event.

Not sure if you’re talking about other kinds of POAP’s. If you want to take point on this that would be cool :slight_smile: I can try to finish this one though - perhaps you can be in charge of future ones if you want.

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@DavisRamsey you are always 2 steps ahead of me my friend.

Yeah, would be cool to expand this area since after my post I received some messages from some community members interested in the idea.

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I am in favour of continuing this as well. I also think this POAP idea offers a lot of smaller tasks for people to start contributing. Examples are:

  • Creating Mockups/Designs
  • formulating new POAP ideas and poll the community for feedback
  • Researching ideas on how to integrate them into the Discord “day-to-day operations” (If people actually want that - as I have not received wider feedback here so far)

I would be interested in what people think this POAP effort entails besides the fact that Balancer POAPs will exist.

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currently just planning to give them out at the community and tech talk events (1 each per month atm). Could do more but haven’t heard concrete ideas around that

Hi @Mkflow27,

we moved a little faster than planned since our conversation, sorry!

We established a small grant for this (15BAL) to be given to the winner of the design contest.

You can design and submit your POAP on the Discord page under #design-submissions if you feel up to it.

We would much appreciate your involvement in this!

Do you have any suggestions on how we can expand the POAP program?

I’m thinking of recognition/thank you badges (to those supporting the community) and some special events/limited editions POAPs for milestones (1yr V2 event/1B$TVL and so on). What do you think?

I find the POAP topic enticing as we could very clearly structure a basic contribution workflow/onboarding for new members to help them decide if Balancer is the right protocol they want to contribute their time towards.

My current experience with the Discord is that often people mention their willingness to contribute, but have a hard time latching onto a tangible task.
I expect to not have tangible tasks be formulated in the close future as we are more or less in an emerging space.

So - at least for me - deriving tasks is being done from context. Fernandos vision post in an excellent example for that.

So my main idea would be: Have a set of POAPs which fulfill two criteria:

  • If earned a beneficial contribution towards the balancer protocol has been achieved
  • If earned a user has sharpened his opinion about contributing time towards the balancer protocol

What do you think about using POAPs as a reference-frame to achieve this?


I like the idea a lot as another way we can say thank you to our community members who freely contribute.

Sushi has seen quite a bit of enthusiasm around their POAP program and I think they’re going to look for creative ways to use them beyond just handing out at events. Given that just us offering a POAP more than doubled our usual attendance at the tech meeting last week, seems like a good idea for us to also explore POAPs more deeply.

I think the Collab.Land bot can check if a user has a certain POAP right? I could see setting up some community discord ranks tied to POAP’s like you mentioned (beneficial contribution, etc). Basically costs us nothing but it is motivation for users to thoughtfully contribute to the discourse in our community.

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