[Proposal] Sponsor the First Ever Poapathon

Balancer began distributing POAPs back in August, making us one of the earliest adopters in DeFi. Through the connections I’ve made since then I was made aware of the upcoming Poapathon https://www.poapathon.com/.

By sponsoring this event we send a message to the rapidly growing community around POAPs that Balancer believes in the future of the technology. We will get access to some of the top artists and designers in crypto. I anticipate a lot of positive PR around this event, which means positive PR for Balancer if we become a top sponsor.


Community engagement is critically important to the growth of any crypto project. Adopting POAPs and starting the AMA series have been effective first steps but there is still a lot left to do. Sponsoring this event will solidify Balancer’s leadership position in the POAP community - the connections/PR we’ll generate could be very important in the future. I will do my best to create as much value for Balancer as possible through our sponsorship and welcome the help of any other Ballers who are interested.


You can see the sponsorship tiers here. This event is still in the planning stage so some things could change. I consider this spend to fall under the Baller’s discretionary fund so the result of the proposal would be reflected in the next distribution for the spending fund - whatever we spend here, I’ll ask for less when we replenish the spending fund. Please vote for your preferred sponsorship tier. Whichever has the highest number of votes will be the one we go with. The ecosystem fund will send me the equivalent BAL after the snapshot vote finishes (assuming it passes). I will do what I can to give prizes in BAL but some or all may have to be sold for USDC as required.

  • Whale Sponsor
  • Degen Sponsor
  • Ape Sponsor
  • Fren Sponsor
  • Do not Sponsor this event

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I personally vote for Whale sponsor since I think this is the most effective spending on community building we can possibly do.

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Whale level seems appropriate, it is a minimal cost in my opinion. I think the POAP effort has been going well so far


Could probably just have the options of sponsor vs not sponsor, if we’re to sponsor given the tiers and low $ amounts might as well be the highest tier.

Yea good point, wasn’t sure which way would be better. Snapshot will be yes/no, unless majority votes to not sponsor :upside_down_face:

Sponsors can choose to sponsor and develop projects together. First of all, they must make a large amount of money and bring us profits and returns.