[BIP-571] Deploy Balancer on Monad

Hello Balancer community, I’m Abdul and I lead BD for ecosystem at Monad Labs. I’m reaching out today with a proposal to deploy Balancer on the Monad blockchain.


Monad is an upcoming high-performance EVM-equivalent L1 that introduces parallel EVM to enable 10,000 tps, 1-second block times and single-slot finality while preserving full bytecode EVM equivalence. Testnet launch is planned for Q2 and mainnet launch is planned for Q4 of this year.

Balancer’s current and upcoming products are an excellent fit for the emerging DeFi ecosystem of Monad. Balancer’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools will be able to capture significant opportunity as new projects emerge on Monad, while Balancer’s flexible support for advanced AMM pool behaviors, such as concentrated liquidity, boosted pools, and stable math, will benefit from the extremely low fees and high throughput of Monad’s parallel EVM.

We propose to deploy Balancer products on Monad at both testnet and mainnet launches, advancing the Balancer vision of democratizing DeFi innovation on a broad scale.


This proposal seeks the backing of the Balancer community for the deployment of Balancer on both the Monad testnet and mainnet. Combining Balancer’s distinctive features with Monad’s high-performance EVM will be a significant unlock for developers and users.

Balancer’s flexibility, customizability, low slippage, and support for bootstrapping liquidity make it a perfect fit for Monad’s parallel & performant EVM architecture. Deploying Balancer on Monad prior to the mainnet launch will enhance Balancer’s position as a leading and innovative hub of DeFi activity.


Should this proposal be approved, Monad contributors will collaborate with Balancer contributors to determine a deployment timeline that suits both Balancer and the respective Monad public testnet and mainnet launches.


The deployment of Balancer products on the Monad blockchain provides a unique opportunity for both the Balancer and Monad ecosystems. Deployment will bring advanced DeFi capabilities to the users of a fast-growing ecosystem, and will bring together two vibrant communities.

About Monad

Monad is a high-performance EVM-equivalent L1 blockchain, built with a focus on performance and written from scratch in C++ and Rust. Monad materially advances the efficient frontier in the tradeoff between decentralization and scalability through superscalar pipelining and parallelization.

Monad introduces optimizations in four major areas, resulting in a blockchain with throughput of 10,000 transactions per second:

  • MonadBFT - custom high-performance, two-phased consensus mechanism derivative of Hotstuff
  • Asynchronous Execution - decoupled execution runs in parallel to consensus rather than as a prerequisite
  • Parallel Execution - optimistic execution of block transactions in parallel, akin to OCC and STM
  • MonadDb - custom state database designed for optimal MPT-based reads and writes

Monad’s improvements address existing bottlenecks while preserving seamless compatibility for application developers (full EVM bytecode compatibility) and users (Ethereum RPC API compatibility). As a result, the rich landscape of Ethereum tooling and applied cryptography research can plug seamlessly into Monad while benefiting from improved throughput and scale:

  • applications (any dapp built for Ethereum)
  • developer tooling (e.g. Hardhat, Apeworx, Foundry)
  • wallets (e.g. MetaMask)
  • analytics/indexing (e.g. Etherscan, Dune)

Further, the Monad community consists of a passionate group of builders, traders, creators that are excited about the continued growth and development of on-chain partnerships.

Additional resources on the team, technology, and community of Monad can be found here:


Hi there, excited to see this initiative. Just a comment from my side in regards to a potential deployment:

This proposal assumes that all technical requirements will be met by the chain and that a final vote will be put forward at a later date by all relevant contributors to enable any contracts / deployments by Balancer thereafter.

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