[BIP-588] Deploy Balancer on Linea

gm Balancer Community! Cameron here from Linea; we are excited to share an updated proposal on a potential Balancer deployment.


Prior to Linea mainnet, we proposed deploying Balancer on the network. It was not the right time for a successful collaboration. However, since then, the Linea core team has been working on shipping new tech, onboard top partners, and growing the ecosystem.

Linea offers EVM equivalence, scalability, and reduced transaction costs while maintaining Ethereum’s security guarantees through Zero-Knowledge Proofs. The network has seen consistent growth, with current TVL at ~$605.5 M on the network per L2Beat, and ~$334M in tracked protocols, according to DeFiLlama.

Now is the perfect time to revisit this proposal on growing Balancers’ presence on the network.

Proposal Details


This proposal asks the Balancer community to support deployment on the Linea Network and exploration in enabling incentives.


Our motivation is threefold:

  1. Participation in the Surge, liquidity campaign
  2. To support the growth of Key partners
  3. Position Balancer as core network infrastructure and innovate on future product developments

1 | Participation in the Surge

The Surge program is a points based activation focused on growing liquidity and will go live in 1-2 weeks. It aims to bootstrap protocols like Balancer, enhancing the ecosystem by distributing points for active liquidity. This will ensure the expansion of available assets through DeFi use cases built on Linea.

Points, represented as non-transferable ERC20 tokens, will help measure user contributions towards the network’s decentralization. By encouraging additional liquidity, we anticipate creating a flywheel effect that bolsters both new use cases and overall network volume.

Linea is committed to including the Balncer protocol in the Surge program within the first 1-2 weeks of going live. (deployment dependant)

You can read more about the Surge below:

2 | Supporting Key Partners

Linea is proud to partner with key protocols. The network’s primary focus is expanding our liquid restaking token ecosystem. An example of this effort is our collaboration with RENZO, which has led to ezETH growth of over $100M USD. Although there are existing AMM solutions on the network, there’s a notable demand for Balancer pools from prominent LRT firms, bridges, and stablecoin issuers.

This demand highlights a unique opportunity to establish significant liquidity on Balancer from the outset. Moreso, leveraging point incentives through the Surge program can catalyze growth across diverse use cases, amplifying the impact of this deployment.

3 | Product Integrations

Linea’s strategic positioning to the Consensys product suite, including the decentralized infrastructure network (DIN) and MetaMask, opens up various collaboration opportunities in the short term (< 6 months) and long term (> 6 months) :sparkles::fox_face::orange_square:

Short term, Given Balancer’s critical role in MetaMask Swaps on other networks, we anticipate it will also emerge as a primary route for swaps on Linea. Further, we would like to keep Protocol Contributors up to date with our collaboration with the MetaMask Portfolio - as we aim to create a hub of Web3 activities for users.

Long term, the Linea growth team is committed to working closely with key stakeholders on integrating with upcoming Consensys products. While specifics are non-public, our goal is to bring new user experiences to the ecosystem, by leveraging our product suite.

Other Information

About Linea

Key Infrastructure

Timeline/Next Steps

We encourage discussion and will facilitate conversation with the community. If this proposal passes, we will work closely with contributors on a timeline that aligns with Balancer contributors on a deployment.


What makes this an interesting deployment proposal is the fact that Linea wants to focus on restaking assets. We have build up a strong partnership with Renzo and solidified our position as a LST / LRT liquidity hub.

As stated with other chain proposals, this is more of a “feeler” proposal to gauge if the community wants to deploy on that chain. We would then need another governance vote to activate / deploy and give permissions to all infrastructure - given it is in place and can fully support Balancer (incl. BAL token bridges)