[BIP-589] Enable Balancer Deployment into Mode


Good day Balancer governors :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to propose a Balancer deployment onto Mode Network. Mode is a new L2 in the Superchain that has been live for 8 weeks and has over 240m dollars of TVL on chain and growing rapidly. 165m is deployed into dApps which is a very productive ratio for an L2. Balancer live within Mode would allow for more efficient trading execution and liquidity provision for users within the ecosystem. We have a focus on yield bearing assets like ezETH and weETH and Balancer would be a great home for their liquidity as more and more users bridge over their assets. If the DAO chooses to deploy, Balancer will be a key pillar in our dApp ecosystem and we would love to have your unique protocol as part of the family on Mode.

About Mode

Mode Docs

Mode is a DeFi focused L2 that is building out an ecosystem of quality dApps to create new onchain economies for users to engage with. We aim to be the yield hub of the Superchain. Mode is an optimistic roll up with the ability to have a modular approach to our technology stack. We are very quick to move onto new yield opportunities and will make sure Balancer is part of these campaigns as we grow together. Balancer provides a very efficient design for liquidity on some of our most important assets like liquid re-staking tokens. We are happy to support the bootstrapping period with liquidity and 2x Mode points to incentivize community engagement in providing liquidity.


  • We propose Balancer deploy as soon as possible to be positioned as a key pillar within our ecosystem.

  • We will support your deployment with liquidity and incentives to support Balancer’s deployment and growth as Mode grows.

  • We would also like to include Balancer as a core piece of technology in our accelerator to encourage developers to build innovative products on top of Balancers liquidity.

  • If deployed we will highlight Balancer on our ecosystem page so users can easily find the application.

  • There are several dApps within our ecosystem that would like to integrate Balancer if you choose to deploy within our ecosystem and we would be happy to facilitate these integrations with haste.


Balancer is a key pillar in DeFi and has the opportunity to tap in to our rapidly growing ecosystem to continue its growth across L2s. We would love to support you and get this deployment live.


As with other deployment proposals, this is a feeler vote for the community to signal if they want Balancer to deploy on that chain. With the current information, it is not clear, if there are any technical blockers preventing Balancer from deploying its infrastructure there. A second vote would need to be put in place to authorize all components/contracts if the deployment was successful.