[BIP-333] - Deploy Balancer on Linea

Greetings Balancer Community! Cameron from the ecosystem team at Consensys reaching out regarding a proposal for a Balancer deployment on Linea.

Please see the contact information below if you would like to reach out directly regarding this proposal.


We recently launched the public Linea Testnet and saw overwhelmingly positive feedback from community members, users, and builders. To date, Linea has processed >11M transactions, many of which are helping us stress-test the network. In addition, the Linea team is closely aligned with developers in the ecosystem. As such, we aim to serve developers, protocols, and builders. We see Balancer as a critical piece of DeFi infrastructure to enable innovation.

Balancer is more than a unique AMM; it’s a versatile and adaptive protocol offering innovative features such as multi-asset pools, custom weight allocation, boosted pools, and the x-chain gauges enabled with L0. These features facilitate a wide array of DeFi strategies while providing significant advantages for growing ecosystems and the start-ups building in them.

MetaMask swaps is also leveraging Balancer among the meta aggregator providers, so this deployment is key for Linea to ensure MetaMask swaps can work on Linea on mainnet from day 0 with a low switching cost.

Proposal Details


This proposal asks the Balancer community to support deployment on the Linea testnet & Linea mainnet. Balancer’s unique capabilities, paired with Linea’s advanced zkEVM technology, would be a leap forward in strengthening and diversifying the DeFi ecosystem on Linea.

This proposal to deploy Balancer on Linea is about more than just bringing a protocol to Linea. It’s about enabling innovation and opportunities for builders.


We have had significant interest from Linea builders, partners, and the MetaMask team to have a deployment of Balancer. These builders look forward to leveraging x-chain boosts, multiasset pools, and building protocols on top of balancer as infrastructure.

Moreso, although Consensys will not always be the only support for linea development, we have a team of engineers to assist with onboarding and the innovation of new features enabled through Zks or account abstraction.

We look forward to featuring the protocol on Linea’s portal and supporting the success of the protocol on Linea.

About Linea


Linea handles native EVM bytecode for proving and verification to allow the execution of Solidity smart contracts and enable developers to build on a zk-rollup while using familiar tools and infrastructure. The ConsenSys zkEVM aims to be a Type 2 zkEVM and achieve EVM-equivalence with the Ethereum VM specification specified in the yellow paper.

Linea does not use transpilers or custom compilers to generate the zkProofs. Taking the compiled bytecode directly from solidity significantly reduces deployment costs and surface area risk for bugs and hacks.

Other Information

Please see more details here:

  1. Linea Website
  2. Linea Block Explorer
  3. Linea Docs
  4. Consensys: R&D

Timeline/Next Steps

We encourage thoughtful community discussion and will facilitate that. If this proposal passes, we will work closely with contributors on a timeline that aligns with Balancer contributors and Linea mainnet deployment.


In light of this proposal, we are eager to strengthen our alliance with Balancer through this deployment. By deploying Balancer on Linea, we aim to enable a seamless user experience and growth in our communities!

Build on,

Contact Information


Sounds interesting. We’re currently trying to deploy on Sepolia and running into a problem because Gnosis Safe is not yet setup there. It’s quite hard for us to get a full deployment working without a Multisig, and impossible at the moment for us to manage it.

For this reason, our focus on new chains recently has been more on mainnets, and we’re usually blocked until there’s a way to launch safes.

In terms of process, the tag [BIP-XXX] causes the Maxi’s to look at this forum post every week and try to determine if it is ready for snapshot. You also used the words RFC and I think you’re looking to have more of a conversation.

If you could change the title to not have [BIP-XXX] in it and instead start with [RFC] it would save us some cycles :slight_smile:

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Hi @Tritium! Thank you for your input. The proposal has been updated as noted.

As it stands, we have successfully deployed the SAFE contracts on Linea. The contract addresses conform to the expected addresses with the Safe’s Deterministic Deployment Proxy, found here.

We currently do not have a UI on the testnet. However, this will be available on the mainnet from day one, as the core Linea contracts will also leverage Safe. To facilitate the deployment on the testnet and the subsequent mainnet, we can also provide any necessary engineering resources to assist.

Linea, especially for mainnet, will be a DeFi-ready zk with all the required infrastructure to deploy, develop, and interact within the DeFi ecosystem.