Reconciliation of invoices paid by the OpCo to Orb Collective (prepared by the OpCo)

Please find below a report prepared by the OpCo which provides a rundown of all invoices sent to the OpCo by Orb and all corresponding payments sent to Orb by the Opco.

Special thanks to @tristan for taking the time to put this together and share it.

Screen Shot 2023-05-12 at 12.13.39 PM


Thanks for putting these numbers together so the community has a full picture of previous and projected spendings.
This is particularly important to specify which USDC can be returned to the DAO if there is any left.

To clarify the last breakdown: OpCo and Orb would have a net negative USDC budget from the OTC amount that was reserved for year 2? That is a bit surprising to me. Can anybody clarify on that matter?


1,793,413 USDC comes from the original budget amount and doesn’t reflect OpCo’s and Orb’s savings (current budget being updated). For reference:

From the top of my head, I believe both entities would cost less than 250k/month now. So the OTC deal will not be fully drained in the remainer of Year 1, as we originally thought it would, due to the cuts that were made. There should be some surplus for Year 2 for the DAO to decide on.

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