Orb Collective Q2 2023 Financial Update

Orb is excited to provide the community with an updated three-month financial forecast, covering our Q2 forecast for April-June 2023.

The revised amounts represent the funding that Orb requests from the OpCo in lieu of its originally allocated budget, as a voluntary move to preserve Balancer’s runway and bolster the treasury’s stable assets.


  • Original budget: 307,678 USDC
  • Revised amount: 210,718
  • Savings: 96,960 (31.5%)


  • Original budget: 323,397 USDC
  • Revised amount: 162,010
  • Savings: 161,387 (49.9%)


  • Original budget: 323,397 USDC
  • Revised amount: 157,097
  • Savings: 166,300 (51.4%)

Overall, we have cut Q2 spending by 44% for a total savings of 424,647 USDC.

Thank you to the community for trusting us to be good stewards of capital.

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