Orb Collective March 2023 GRC Updates

In March, the GRC work continued to focus on decentralization and tracking threats in alignment with the remit to advise on GRC to strengthen DAO resiliency & sustainability. Much of the work is confidential to protect the ecosystem. Below are highlights of the most important projects. Please reach out to Orb with questions.

March work

  • Understand and proactively protect against potential threats from legal/regulatory changes

    • Reg strat meetings, research & advice: Terms of Use review and recording assent; Euler matter; US enforcement actions and reported subpoenas of defi projects, risk disclosure reviews; trade association, partner & community calls to vet GRC framework & discuss decentralization strategy.
    • Business development risks: Review business development and marketing posts to minimize risks and revise dos & donts. Review new product ideas and work with partners re: new confidential use case
    • Advise on response to private inquiry and advice on Human Resource matter for changes to Orb resources
  • Promote Balancer’s further decentralization

    • DAO reg developments for Maxis (Utah); Policies and procedures work for Balancer ecosystem re: record retention and hiring practices
    • Review monthly proposals, grants and new service provider agreements to maintain DAO governance and risk mitigation re: security and Aave; AWS review re: Binance case; security audit and marketing posts
  • Reduce the gap between DAO revenues and expenses

Continue this month to save on expense of expert third party advice - network and handle within Orb without additional spend