Orb Collective February 2023 GRC Update

Background: Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) efforts are focused on strengthening DAO resiliency & sustainability

Feb Highlights: This covers the strategic & tactical GRC work – we address requirements, threats & challenges.

  1. Understand and proactively protect against potential threats from legal/regulatory changes
  • Reg strat meetings, research & advice: FSB DeFi report, US enforcement actions, Biden admin framework review; MiCA review for disclosures whitepaper; Trade association, partner & community calls to vet GRC framework & discuss decentralization strategy. i.e., maintain agent of DAO - no decisions by SPs, Foundation, SPs etc.; Recruiting and leading legal US subcommittee on defi, DAOs to educate DeFi vs. CeFi

  • Business development risks: Review business development and marketing efforts to minimize risks re: editing public content and protecting re: no public sale of tokens; staking; work with Marketing on ETHDenver; Coinbase work; Amend Marketing Dos/Don’t

  • Regulatory & inquiries: Respond to private legal inquiry; BVI work on VASP applicability and reg requirements

  1. Promote Balancer’s further decentralization
  • Strengthen Corp Gov - Onboard new board member for Orb
  • Github work
  • Vet proposal and moving forward on revising SP agreements for new termination provision re: act outside authority of DAO; Proposal for self insurance fund complete
  1. Reduce the gap between DAO revenues and expenses
  • Continue this month to save on expense of expert third party advice - network and handle within Orb without additional spend