Orb Collective April 2023 Ops Update

This update was written by Elissa (@SparkleLatte).

Hello Balancer Community! I’m excited to share what’s been going on in the world of ecosystem ops.

We had our ONsite in Barcelona. The event came and went! It was a huge success IMO and we’ve received very positive feedback about it. We’ve launched a survey to collect anonymous feedback from all attendees to find out what they think went well and where there are areas for improvement. As a reminder, the goals of our ecosystem ONsites are 1) in-person brainstorms and collaboration meetings and 2) team bonding. We were thrilled to have 37 attendees from the Maxis, Balancer OpCo, Balancer Foundation, Orb, BLabs and Beets. It’s safe to say that we accomplished our goals.

We have an updated Q2 forecast. We posted our updated Q2 forecast to the forum. We’ve spent a decent amount of time over the last month looking into areas where we could continue to cut spend. And we cut spend by 44% for a total savings of 424,647 USDC, compared to our original funding request.

We hosted the Ecosystem All Hands on April 5th. We held our ecosystem-wide All Hands meeting. What goes on in the background to make these happen? Working with the entity leads to plan out the agenda, creating the deck and making sure content is input, sourcing questions for our Q&A, hosting the meeting, sharing links for the recording and deck and planning for future All Hands. April’s agenda covered Orb’s branding project vision and plan, an update from the Balancer Foundation, protocol fees and DAO stats, Barcelona ONsite updates and a Q&A.

Ecosystem Hub Updates. We are consistently updating our ecosystem hub (on notion) to reflect the latest team meetings, process updates, entity updates and announcements. We see a ton of value in having a source of truth for the things that we are collectively working on together as an ecosystem.