Orb Collective March 2023 Ops Updates

Hello Balancer Community! I’m excited to share what’s been going on in the world of ecosystem ops.

Our next ONsite in Barcelona is less than two weeks away! I’ve been heads down on planning out the meeting schedule, finalizing activities and shared meals and activating the communication plan. One big change from Bogotá’s ONsite is that we have significantly more time to meet, collaborate and brainstorm as a team in a dedicated space. Because of this I am spending time sorting through a useful and productive meeting schedule. As a reminder, the goals of our ecosystem ONsites are 1) in-person brainstorms and collaboration meetings and 2) team bonding. We are thrilled to have 37 attendees from the Maxis, Balancer OpCo, Balancer Foundation, Orb, BLabs and Beets.

We have an updated Q2 forecast and financial sharing plan. Like I mentioned last month, we’ve been working on higher detailed financial updates. Each quarter we will post an updated forecast and budget lookback. The updated forecast will be shared at the start of a quarter and the budget lookback will be shared mid-quarter. We are doing this to provide more transparency into Orb’s forecast and spend. Separate from this post, I will be posting an updated Orb Q2 forecast (spoiler alert: the amount is less than what we originally requested). We’ve spent a decent amount of time this month looking into areas where we could continue to cut spend.

We welcomed and onboarded one new ecosystem member, Troy! Troy joined BLabs on the Data Team. Backend onboarding includes adding new members to our shared ecosystem tools and our Barcelona ONsite. Frontend onboarding includes meeting with them to go over how the ecosystem works, an intro to Balancer University, our shared tools and processes and to answer any questions that they might have.

We launched our Ecosystem Engagement Survey. We launched our engagement survey last week! The survey was sent to all core contributors and will be open for two weeks. The goal is to get a tangible sense on how core contributors feel about what’s going well and what needs improvement. Once the survey is complete we will take a look at the results and create an action plan on how to move the needle in high priority areas. We’ll be doing this at the ecosystem level and entity leads will have the opportunity to do this at an entity level.

We hosted the Ecosystem All Hands on March 8th. We held our ecosystem-wide All Hands meeting. What goes on in the background to make these happen? Working with the entity leads to plan out the agenda, creating the deck and making sure content is input, sourcing questions for our Q&A, hosting the meeting, sharing links for the recording and deck and planning for future All Hands. March’s agenda covered new ecosystem contributors, a recap on our emergency response, protocol fees and DAO stats, Barcelona ONsite updates and a Q&A.

Ecosystem Hub Updates. We are consistently updating our ecosystem hub (on notion) to reflect the latest team meetings, process updates, entity updates and announcements. We see a ton of value in having a source of truth for the things that we are collectively working on together as an ecosystem.