Docs need an improvement

Hi everyone,

I’d like to propose an improvement of Balancer’s documentation. Having worked on integrations lately, the material is often evasive and lacks real life examples.

Take what I consider as “really good docs”: Single Swaps | Uniswap

  • They explain how to set up the environment.
  • Every parameter is thoroughly explained.
  • The documentation guides you in writing a simple swap contract.
  • Every possible case is considered and analyzed.

Currently, dev docs are quite dire, akin to what you could find in natspec docs.

  • Where do I find the pool id?
  • What does “given exact in” implies?
  • Can I do a single swap using batchSwap?
  • What is this limit (+/-) trickery?

etc etc.

Given that little help is given on Discord, and I guess that many questions are recurring over time, a docs update could be quite useful!

I don’t know if it is any SP’s job’s here - otherwise, I make a proposal to do it myself.


This is also the nicest thing I’ve ever seen you write, brother–lots of love on the Balancer forum today.

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Hey brother. How are you? Thanks for alluding to this. Docs are always in need for improvement, they are always welcome.

Objectively speaking, docs are constantly being improved by Orb’s integrations team and also Balancer Labs and even the Maxis. You can help by editing and putting up a PR. If you think you might need some compensation/funding for a specific endeavor, I would suggest you apply for a Grant.

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Thanks for the answer @Danko8383 ! I’ll make a list of the improvements, and make a proposal about it. Updating the docs should be fairly straightforward, technically.