[BIP-652] Update Addresses for Emergency subDAO Multisig

PR with Payload

This proposal aims to update the multisig signers for the Emergency subDAO Multisig to align with the current strategic direction and team composition, ensuring continued security and efficient management of the Emergency subDAO Multisig across all networks. We therefore propose the following update to the emergency multisig signer set.


  • Markus is no longer working at Balancer Labs, although he still has a presence.
  • Solarcurve has taken some time off from working with Maxis and the DAO.
  • Fernando would like to reduce his operational responsibilities.
  • We have 3 Maxis in the US, so we will remove Zekraken and add Xeonus, who is in Europe and will help with a broader time zone coverage.
  • Hypernative is a current strategic partner focused on protocol safety.
  • Franz and Daniel are active members of Beets SP

Proposed Changes:

Remove the following signers:

  • Markus: 0xCae6f77a6cf4C952BF36793D91519fb4Ae86C264
  • Solarcurve: 0x512fce9B07Ce64590849115EE6B32fd40eC0f5F3
  • Fernando: 0xbbF0Ae5195444264364CA7eb7E3BB1971B4c3eCb
  • Zekraken: 0xafFC70b81D54F229A5F50ec07e2c76D2AAAD07Ae

Add the following new signers:

  • Hypernative @GalSagie : 0x202B1AA0d702898CA474aB6ED31d53BA309308D9
  • @franzns : 0x89c7D6ABA9Cd18D8A93571E583EEAc58Da75acE6
  • @danielmk : 0x606681E47afC7869482660eCD61bd45B53523D83
  • @Xeonus : 0x7019Be4E4eB74cA5F61224FeAf687d2b43998516

Signers after the changes:

  • Mike B: 0xF01Cc7154e255D20489E091a5aEA10Bc136696a8
  • Zen Dragon: 0x7c2eA10D3e5922ba3bBBafa39Dc0677353D2AF17
  • Juani: 0xB5485e0F543eE6e01e221A57e58ED95268215Ac9
  • Hypernative: 0x202B1AA0d702898CA474aB6ED31d53BA309308D9
  • Franz: 0x89c7D6ABA9Cd18D8A93571E583EEAc58Da75acE6
  • Daniel: 0x606681E47afC7869482660eCD61bd45B53523D83
  • Xeonus: 0x7019Be4E4eB74cA5F61224FeAf687d2b43998516

Safe Addresses to be Updated:

The updates will be applied to the following multisig safe addresses:

  • Ethereum: 0xA29F61256e948F3FB707b4b3B138C5cCb9EF9888
  • Polygon: 0x3c58668054c299bE836a0bBB028Bee3aD4724846
  • Arbitrum: 0xf404C5a0c02397f0908A3524fc5eb84e68Bbe60D
  • Optimism: 0xd4c87b33afcE39F1E3F4aF1ce8fFFF7241d9128B
  • Gnosis: 0xd6110A7756080a4e3BCF4e7EBBCA8E8aDFBC9962
  • Avalanche: 0x308f8d3536261C32c97D2f85ddc357f5cCdF33F0
  • zkEVM: 0x79b131498355daa2cC740936fcb9A7dF76A86223
  • Fraxtal: 0xC66d0Ba27b8309D27cCa70064dfb40b73DB6de9E
  • Mode: 0x66C4b8Ba38a7B57495b7D0581f25784E629516c2
  • Base: 0x183C55A0dc7A7Da0f3581997e764D85Fd9E9f63a


All new signers (Hypernative, Franz, Daniel and Xeonus) need to confirm their agreement by commenting in the relevant thread.

Technical Specification
The procedure will be as follows: the Emergency Multi-sig will interact with the GnosisSafeProxy contract on each corresponding chain and call prevOwner, oldOwnerand newOwner with the first two entries being the address to be replaced and the last entry being the new address to be added.

For a full specification set, consult the corresponding payload.


I confirm on behalf of Hypernative


I confirm my agreement and that my address is correct.


I hereby confirm that my address is correct (resolves to xeonus.eth) and my participation in the emergency multi-sig