[BIP-16] Update DAO Multisig Replacement List


Recently a proposal was passed to add various candidates to our replacement signers list for the DAO Multisig. These replacements have been completed on Ethereum and remain ongoing on Polygon, Arbitrum, and Fantom. You can see the most up to date list of signers here. In order to ensure the activities of the DAO Multisig can continue uninterrupted we should replenish our list of available replacements. Thus, I propose adding the following people to the approved list of replacements:

  • Lewis, Stablecoin Labs / Gyroscope (0xbcf751dBfe314Ee96A660EFA2Fcb259CBc364c29)
  • Mounir, Paraswap (0x0951ff0835302929d6c0162b3d2495a85e38ec3a)
  • Anna, Cowswap (0x04ce1ccF81AE660e23ca0c0823911df709B0E7Fc)
  • Kaito, Utopia Labs (0x01eacADF51FF60916157E32A58F640fe854e530F)
  • Mr. Kind, BeethovenX (0xD876847533828bE6770D1dEdB6F8f5E91fed824e)
  • Hubert, StakeDAO (0x28827186555d99d9eF9E1fdB97F65C93BA554F86)

As a reminder, the DAO Multisig can tap a replacement from the approved replacements list at their discretion whenever the need arises. Currently the only approved replacement candidate is:

  • Evgeny Yurtaev, CEO at Zerion (0xcec0d1a31129af0b1088a3d8dfa6abb4bd1ecb45)


If approved, the above listed candidates will be added to the approved replacement signer list and utilized if/when needed. Kain has signaled his desire to leave the DAO Multisig due to being too busy with his other activities and he will be replaced with Mounir from Paraswap immediately. Future changes will be announced via Balancer’s discord announcements channel and twitter.

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