[Proposal] DAO Multisig Signer Replacements


For those unaware, the DAO Multisig is composed of ten signers and is responsible for governance admin of Balancer’s Ethereum deployment. In addition, it controls BalancerDAO’s treasury assets across all chains where we have an economic interest - currently Fantom, Polygon, and Arbitrum.

The following signers have agreed to rotate off as they are very busy with other activities:

  • Ash Egan (0x95CeFcAD4daE89aE09c8166E324A8b235289897E)
  • Jake Brukhman (0xB0E8a08B155e4bf64Ec316d4196F54f39F615538)
  • David Hoffman (0x25468E86ED8eC296de39FcB798C7f212924443AB)
  • Cooper Turley (0xC98475a717215150c76E9689d665B59bCff5FA76)

The following people have agreed to be added to the replacement signer list:

  • Ariah, Stablecoin Labs (0xbcf751dBfe314Ee96A660EFA2Fcb259CBc364c29)
  • 0xMaki (0x285b7EEa81a5B66B62e7276a24c1e0F83F7409c1)
  • Stefan, Gnosis (0x9F7dfAb2222A473284205cdDF08a677726d786A0)
  • Ernesto, former Aave (0xA39a62304d8d43B35114ad7bd1258B0E50e139b3)
  • David Garai, Tempus (0xAc1aA53108712d7f38093A67d380aD54B562a650)
  • Evan, CopperLaunch (0x59693BA1A5764e087CE166ac0E0085Fc071B9ea7)


If approved, the four named signers will be removed one at a time and replaced with a candidate on the replacement list at the discretion of the other DAO Multisig signers. An announcement will be made in discord and on the DAO’s twitter account naming the new signers.

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Will there be public acknowledgement of the address by the new signers? Like a Tweet saying they’ll be a signer at this multisig with this address?


yes, we will have them do that :slight_smile:

thanks for bringing it up


@LongJuanSilverado I wanted to reach out to say I’ve noticed and appreciate your thoughtful commentary on the forum. If you’re willing to get more involved I’d love to get you into some discord chats as well. Please feel free to DM me on discord - solarcurve#5075

Thank you ser. Love everything you guys are doing. Might stop by.

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Any updates here? Did this go through?

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Will be voted on soon, probably early next week. I took a vacation, that’s the reason for the hold up.

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this is heading to a vote Monday afternoon EST


Any publicly available documentation to link these names/individuals to these addresses?

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we will be asking them to tweet. process will start this coming week


Noting Maki is linked to his address publicly. Will get tweets out from the others though

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