[BIP-325] Replace Solarcurve with Tritium on DAO Multisig


Since late 2021 I’ve served faithfully on the DAO Multisig ensuring all legitimately approved snapshot votes end up with the proper on-chain execution in a timely manner. The hope is one day this will no longer be necessary - veBAL will simply vote and if passed the execution is automatic - but for now the status quo will persist where executing snapshot votes requires action from the DAO Multisig.

The time has come to pass the torch to someone who can continue the good work and I have every confidence in Tritium’s ability to verify and promptly execute transactions as dictated by veBAL voters. It is a demanding job since there are votes every week that need execution. Payloads need to be verified, transactions queued, signers poked, etc. This is one step closer to solarcurve taking a fully unplugged week long (at least) vacation!


On each of the DAO Multisigs (listed below) a transaction will be initiated to replace Solarcurve (0x512fce9B07Ce64590849115EE6B32fd40eC0f5F3) as a signer with Tritium (0xcf4ff1e03830d692f52eb094c52a5a6a2181ab3f).

Ethereum: eth:0x10A19e7eE7d7F8a52822f6817de8ea18204F2e4f

Gnosis: gno:0x2a5AEcE0bb9EfFD7608213AE1745873385515c18

Polygon: matic:0xeE071f4B516F69a1603dA393CdE8e76C40E5Be85

BNB: bnb:0x58099b94e660bBe19848547F6c5d76DcA7282E45

Arbitrum: arb1:0xaF23DC5983230E9eEAf93280e312e57539D098D0

Avalanche: avax:0x17b11FF13e2d7bAb2648182dFD1f1cfa0E4C7cf3

Optimism: oeth:0x043f9687842771b3dF8852c1E9801DCAeED3f6bc

zkEVM: zkEVM:0x2f237e7643a3bF6Ef265dd6FCBcd26a7Cc38dbAa

Fantom: ftm:0xFe2022da08d17ac8388F5bEFE4F71456255105A4


I am honoured by the trust put in me by this proposal and understand the responsibilities it entails. I will do my very best to manage the prompt execution of governance, and will take so long as required to make sure it is done correctly.

I also confirm that I hold the keys to 0xcf4fF1e03830D692F52EB094c52A5A6A2181Ab3F which is my signer address with the current ENS name 0xtritium.eth. This address has an observable signing/execution history with other Balancer Ecosystem Multisigs.