[BIP-212] Deploy Balancer to zkSync


The rise of zkEVMs is likely to be a major theme as head into the second half of 2023 and beyond. One of the most promising of these is zkSync which has been under development for the last 4 years by Matter Labs. Many Balancer contributors have a keen interest in being early movers to the zkRollup/zkEVM narrative and have been closely following the progress of zkSync. As we approach the launch of the public network it’s time for the community to assess if proceeding with a Balancer deployment makes sense.

You can go down the list of projects expected to be in the zkSync ecosystem and there’s many well known names. If this proposal passes our goal will be to arrive as early as possible, likely with only basic weighted & stable pools on launch day and no BAL emissions. We’d then assess the landscape for potential boosted pools as we get the veBAL integration online to enable emissions to begin. Notable Layer Zero is expected to support zkSync so we can expect cross chain gauge boosts to be available, thus allowing Aura to join us :slight_smile:

Obviously we’re early to zkEVMss so it’s hard to say who the winners will be and if zkSync will be among them. Ultimately it does not take much effort from us to do this deployment so in my mind it’s prudent to be early and wrong versus risk being left behind as a latecomer. I want Balancer to be seen as an industry leader in embracing new technology and I think deploying to zkSync fits perfectly into that narrative.


No particular on-chain action will be executed with this proposal. If approved, various Balancer contributors will work towards deploying to zkSync and being one of the very first apps available after the public launch. If the vote fails no action will be taken, pending further discussion and additional votes.


yes please. like you said it will be hard to say who the ultimate winner of the zkEVM competition will be, but zkSync will have a leg up early on

Finally, Balancer is able to scale and go multi-chain! In full support!

In support of course. zkSync and rollups in general are likely to be the next ecosystem buzz. No one better to bring the best AMM tech there besides Balancer.

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I love the shoutout, haha. Aura and its contributors are in full support, and the delegates have no questions/concerns. Full send!

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