[BIP-263] Deploy Balancer to Base


Base, the Coinbase fork of Optimism, could launch “soon”. It’s likely to attract a significant amount of user and developer interest given the resources Coinbase has at its disposal. If Balancer is an early first mover we could benefit significantly. While there will be many DEX’s there no doubt we can still lean into our three strongest niches:

  • ve8020

  • boosted pools

  • LST’s

My guess is many new protocols planning to build on Base would take part in at least one of these primitives. Balancer contributors did signal interest in deploying to Base and the Balancer logo was featured at ETH Denver in the Base lounge. However, veBAL as always retains final authority on whether this deployment will happen.


If approved, Balancer contributors will launch on Base as soon as possible after mainnet launch. This would add Base to the list of networks approved as new deployments by governance: Avalanche, zkSync, and polygon zkEVM.


Another step in Balancer’s multi-chain journey! Excited to see how user adoption will unfold.