Balancer Maxis April 2023 Update

In April, Maxis finally got together in Barcelona for the Balancer ONsite, getting to know each other irl and discussing future plans for world domination. Maxis attended several meetings with multiple contributors and service providers to the DAO and Balancer Labs, focusing on the product and road ahead, as well as marketing, compliance and regulatory environment.

All and all, another good month in the bag for the Maxis!

Following the return of funds by Euler after the hack, Maxis worked together with Balancer Labs to make sure LPs and partners would be made whole again! Kudos to Tritium and Solarcurve for pushing this through the finish line. We continue to follow these updates, as a UI for bb-e-USD withdrawals is under development by OpCo.

Work continues pushing for the next L2s launches, tentatively Polygon’s zkEVM first, following by Avalanche and zkSync. We also got Coinbase (Base) approved unanimously by governance, and we will work for the best time to launch (asap).

A lot of work’s been done on the gauges and incentives, as well. Aave v3 pools are live and getting a lot of traction (specially on Polygon) with emissions already flowing their way. Cross-chain gauge boosts (by LayerZero) are finally here, and Maxis have been working tirelessly on proposals to migrate incentives to new gauges (Gnosis will probably be the one going first).

Here are the bullet point updates for April. For reference, please review [BIP-230] which funded the Balancer Maxis for Q2/2023.

  • Multisig Management

    • Many gauges were approved & added to the voting list, focused around boosted stable pools and LST pairings.
    • Two protocol fee distributions took place for a total of $1.22M (voting incentives, Treasury, veBAL)
    • Automation of multisig and regular operations continues - see the Maxi github for more info.
  • Governance

    • [RFC] on the ARB airdrop for some Arbitrum incentives proposals
    • [RFC] on a framework for Composable StablePools amplification parameters
    • Maxis authored a significant number of approved proposals
    • Four out of the six Maxis are active delegates.
    • Fees and Core Pool Incentives (BIP-19) - more detailed stats here.
  • User/Project Support

    • Plenty of tokens and pool whitelisting
    • Telegram chats always busy
    • Weekly testing of the UI by @Zekraken continues
    • Discord #partnership channel busy with comarketing requests. Thanks @Gleb for keeping up with all these different projects.
  • Community

    • Coordinape’s April epoch ran with 16 participants, revamping for more focus on contributors engaged with the daily activities within the community;
    • @Dubstard continues the vigilante saga against scammers and doppelgängers. Check Balancer “Anti Scam Initiative” report here.
    • Twitter Spaces (AMA) feat. Fernando Martinelli about the emission drop and the BAL inflation schedule;
    • The Balancer Report weekly newsletter;
    • Multiple marketing collabs with Orb (Twitter threads, designs, AMAs etc.)
    • Community contributors marketing the Grants program;
    • Ballers closely following recent changes in Marketing team transitions (from Orb to Beets);
  • DAO Dev Work

    • Discord bots and server onboarding flow revamped
    • Small improvements to Protocol Revenue page of Balancer community analytics
    • Github commits to the frontend repo with participation from the Maxis
    • Balancer Docs commits with participation from the Maxis
  • Record Keeping