[BIP-120] Cleanup Unused Gauges


The Balancer gauge space has become quite cluttered. This BIP proposes to remove a number of gauges that have been around for a while but are not receiving any votes. The purpose of this governance is not to remove a gauge that is in use by a DAO, but simply to clean up gauges that seem to be abandoned. Any DAO managing one of the tokens in the gauges listed below is welcome to request it is removed from the list of gauges to be removed so long as there is a clear plan to either obtain vote weight to trigger emissions from it or promote significant volume in the near future.


This BIP recommends the the removal of gauges for the following pools, all of which have received 0 or very minimal voting in recent rounds, and also are not generating significant activity in the form of trading volume or fees. Note the accompanying gauge address for each pool.

WETH/NOTE 50/50 β†’ 0xC5f8B1de80145e3a74524a3d1a772a31eD2B50cc
D2D/BAL β†’ 0xc43d32BC349cea7e0fe829F53E26096c184756fa
HAUS/WETH β†’ 0xa57453737849A4029325dfAb3F6034656644E104
DPX/RDPX/WETH β†’ 0xc77E5645Dbe48d54afC06655e39D3Fe17eB76C1c
PICKLE/WETH β†’ 0x899F737750db562b88c1E412eE1902980D3a4844
CRE8R/WETH β†’ 0xACFDA9Fd773C23c01f5d0CAE304CBEbE6b449677
BAL/TEL β†’ 0xC6FB8C72d3BD24fC4891C51c2cb3a13F49c11335
wbtc/renBTC (polygon) β†’ 0xd27cb689083e97847Dc91C64Efc91C4445d46D47
WBTC/WETH (polygon) β†’ 0x211C27a32E686659566C3CEe6035c2343D823aab
TEL/USDC/BAL β†’ 0x397649FF00de6d90578144103768aaA929EF683d
TEL/DFX/USDC β†’ 0xEad3C3b6c829d54ad0a4c18762c567F728eF0535
LINK/WETH/BAL/AAVE β†’ 0xA80D514734e57691f45aF76bb44d1202858FD1F0
LINK/WETH/BAL/AAVE/USDC β†’ 0x5A3970E3145Bbba4838D1a3A31C79bcD35A16A9E
TCR/DAI β†’ 0xE273d4aCC555A245a80cB494E9E0dE5cD18Ed530
wbtc/renBTC/sBTC β†’ 0x57d40FF4cF7441A04A05628911F57bb940B6C238
REN/WETH β†’ 0xD6E4d70bdA78FBa018c2429e1b84153b9284298e
LINK/WETH β†’ 0x31e7F53D27BFB324656FACAa69Fe440169522E1C
MATIC/WETH β†’ 0x4e311e207CEAaaed421F17E909DA16527565Daef
COMP/WETH β†’ 0xAFc28B2412B343574E8673D4fb6b220473677602

If approved, the DAO Multisig 0x10A19e7eE7d7F8a52822f6817de8ea18204F2e4f will interact with the AuthorizerAdaptor at 0x8F42aDBbA1B16EaAE3BB5754915E0D06059aDd75 and call performAction using 0xab8f0945 for the data(bytes) argument and the above list of contracts for the target(address) argument. Each contract will be its own transaction, thus there will be a total of 19 transactions.


I support this proposal, tbh it is the right thing to do at this point.


Absolutely necessary for UX. In full support


Speaking of UX, anyway to clean up all the expired gauges on veBAL voting. It’s getting quite intense :slight_smile:


@Tritium I’ve given this feedback again to the front end team last week. I’ve seen a mockup of a solution, but dont know the timeline for the change being made.