[BIP-136] Unused Gauges Cleanup - Take 2

Cleanup Unused Gauges Take 2


BIP-120 intended to remove a number of pools from the Gauge system. In the specification section, the list of gauges to kill was taken from data that did not include changes introduced by caps set in place in BIP-66 and BIP-57. As a result some of the pools intended to be killed still have active gauges. This BIP seeks to reconcile the current state with the desired state, and requests permission to execute on-chain commands to kill remaining gauges that were missed in BIP-120.

A total of 9 gauges were found to still be active from the list originally intended by BIP-120.

For a detailed view of the reconciliation check the table here on Notion


If approved, the DAO Multisig 0x10A19e7eE7d7F8a52822f6817de8ea18204F2e4f will interact with the AuthorizerAdaptor at 0x8F42aDBbA1B16EaAE3BB5754915E0D06059aDd75 and call performAction using kill_gauge 0xab8f0945 for the data(bytes) argument and the above list of contracts for the target(address) argument. This call will be run 9 times, with each of the following target addresses:

    "POLY: Balancer 20USDC-40TEL-40DFX RewardGauge Deposit":   "0xb61014De55A7AB12e53C285d88706dca2A1B7625",
    "Balancer NWWP Gauge Deposit (NOTE/WETH 50/50)":   "0x96d7e549eA1d810725e4Cd1f51ed6b4AE8496338",
    "Balancer 50N/A-50N/A Gauge Deposit (D2D/BAL 50/50)":   "0xf46FD013Acc2c6988BB2f773bd879101eB5d4573",
    "Balancer 20DAI-80TCR Gauge Deposit":   "0xAde9C0054f051f5051c4751563C7364765Bf52f5",
    "Balancer 20WETH-80HAUS Gauge Deposit":   "0x00Ab79a3bE3AacDD6f85C623f63222A07d3463DB",
    "ARBI: Balancer B-80PICKLE-20WETH RewardGauge Deposit":   "0x231B05F3a92d578EFf772f2Ddf6DacFFB3609749",
    "ARBI: Balancer 20WETH-80CRE8R RewardGauge Deposit":   "0x077794c30AFECcdF5ad2Abc0588E8CEE7197b71a",
    "POLY: Balancer TELX-60TEL-20BAL-20USDC RewardGauge Deposit":   "0x7C56371077fa0dD8327E5C53Ee26a37D14b671ad",
    "POLY: Balancer TELX-50TEL-50BAL RewardGauge Deposit":   "0xe0779Dc81B5DF4D421044f7f7227f7e2F5b0F0cC",

I’ll chime in to thank Tritium for doing this proposal and apologize about the lack of verification performed on BIP-120. Unfortunately I made a mistake, which would have been easily caught if anyone had checked a few of the gauge contracts to verify they were correct. We do verify tx’s uploaded to the DAO Multisig against the snapshot votes but in this case the vote contained incorrect information.

The Maxis will work to harden our processes around verification going forward. While this is a low impact mistake (killing already killed gauges) it does serve as a wakeup call.


Vote queued: https://snapshot.org/#/balancer.eth/proposal/0x619a0eeebffc7d80696f6ba9e72526923ee7c6e108390160f2ff886a6405f32e