Balancer coin on tronlink wallet?

I have few coins on my tronlink wallet, is there any way to withdraw them to any exchange? Now It does not allow me to enter Etherium network deposit address.
Thank you.

This is a SCAM. The Balancer protocol and the BAL token do not exist on the Tron chain. There is most likely a fake URL embedded in the tokens you received, and unsuspecting users may follow it and then be phished out of their funds. Always be careful in crypto, and never provide any website with your private key or seed phrase. This is basically the equivalent to the Nigerian prince email phishing scams, or the “Congratulations! You won!” pop-ups from the early days of the Internet (if you are old enough to remember).

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I have the same thing. i was able to send to another Tronlink walllet but not sure why i csnt send it to coinbase or other wallet or exchange. How did you get it?

Please read my message above. This is a SCAM. The token isn’t real; anyone can make a token named BAL and that doesn’t mean it has any connection to Balancer.

Thank you…how was it sent to my wallet? Why can i send it to another Tronlink Wallet? I also have AAVE coin show ip too…is that scam too? New to the Wallet so learning.

It’s not really BAL. It’s just some token somebody made and named it BAL. They sent it to thousands of users. It’s probably a perfectly valid Tron token, but it doesn’t do anything. There is most likely a URL embedded in its metadata somewhere that, if you followed it, would prompt you for a private key or seed phrase to phish you out of your funds.

I could make another token called BAL on the Tron chain and send it to your wallet right now. Then you’d have two different tokens in your wallet called BAL. The name is completely insignificant and only serves to deceive users into thinking they’ve landed some free tokens from a legitimate protocol. It’s like if I made a website called free_apple_computers dot com (don’t go there, it’s not real) and sent you the link. It doesn’t mean it has anything to do with Apple or that there are free computers on the other end.

What I’m getting at is that it’s probably just a normal (useless) token that you can transfer around to any Tron wallet you’d like. That’s it; that’s all it does. I know absolutely nothing about Tron and Tron Wallet, so I can’t tell you if your AAVE tokens are real or not. But I’m willing to bet they are not, especially if you didn’t put them there. The great majority of airdrops are phishing scams. You get excited about receiving free tokens and go somewhere to “claim your reward” only to lose all your money. Nothing is really that easy; if I tell you to send me some BTC and I’ll send you back double, what the hell would be the point of that? It would be a scam. I’d keep your BTC and send you nothing.

You have to be really careful in crypto. It’s the wild west. If you receive an airdrop, and it hasn’t been confirmed in several legitimate channels by the core team of the project, it’s probably fake. Why would anyone give you free tokens, especially on a completely different blockchain (Tron) from where the protocol lives (Ethereum)? That doesn’t make any sense. Similarly, if you receive an unsolicited message on any forum from a user named BalancerAnnouncements or AaveFreeAirdrop or some other ridiculous name, that’s not real either. These protocols have Twitter and Medium accounts where they publish information.