Withdraw $BAL arbitrum/claim/legacy

How do you withdraw $BAL from arbitrum/claim/legacy?


Normally withdrawal can be done through the interface here: Balancer - This feature is disabled for now, but will be remedied asap. No worries, funds are safe just please be patient.

Yes, its has been greyed out now. And I can’t withdraw.

Anyidea what happened to the TCR Token?

Hello its has been 21 days from your last message. It is still greyed out, How do I withdraw the funds. Are they safe

Hello, anybody here got any answer

its has been greyed out and can’t seem to access it

this person Profile - BalancerDEV - Balancer
is asking me to validate my wallet by asking me to enter my 12 word seed phrase in http://devcolab.live/
stating its an encrypted firmware server link which is inscribed on our chain network so
it’s definitely safe and secured"

My question is why is it greyed out.

The UI has been disabled while we resolve the issue described here:

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