Exchange Balancer for TRX

there are BAL tokens on the TronLink wallet, I wanted to exchange them, but I cannot withdraw them to an exchange or another wallet, I go to TRONSCAN at the link there exchange only for TRX asks to connect Tron Walet asks for a Private Key or Mnemonic when the introduction gives an error, I will provide screenshots, I ask for help

THIS IS A SCAM. There is no such thing as the Balancer protocol on the Tron blockchain; it is on Ethereum only. This token is fake, and the website is fake. If you provide your mnemonic or private key, all of your funds will be stolen. Please be careful in crypto. Don’t ever give away your keys to anyone.

thank you very much for warning

yes I saw this as well. It is a scam. No legitimate organization would ever ask you for your private keys or pneumonic.