Aura Delegate Thread

[BIP-222] Enable 3pool Gauge [Ethereum]

Vote: Yes

Rationale: The Aura Delegate Council believes this pool adds another excellent options for those wishing to deposit their stables with Balancer who do not want any exposure to yield bearing products. The recent Euler hack, although thankfully resolved, was evidence of the types of risks that are inherent in this space. The addition of this gauge provides a potentially more stable option for certain depositors.

[BIP-223] Enable USDC-TNGBL 20-80 Gauge with a 2% Emission Cap [Polygon]

Vote: Abstain

Rationale: As per previous votes, the council decided to abstain from voting to allow for a more thorough review at a later date. (Edit: please note that the delegates voted ‘yes’ after further discussions in BIP 231)

[BIP-224] Balancer on Polygon zkEVM

Vote: Yes

Rationale: The Delegate Council felt this was an exciting opportunity for Balancer and supports the Balancer foray into the zkEVM space.

[BIP-225] Amendment to [BIP-146] Incentivize 8020 BPT Staking (ve8020)

Vote: Yes

Rationale: The Aura Delegate Council supports these amendments. Clarifying requirements and guidelines for incentive structures such as this provides greater certainty to protocols seeking to use Balancer and will support long term ecosystem growth.

[BIP-226] Enable SILO/ETH 80/20 Gauge w/ 2% emissions cap [Ethereum]

Vote: Yes

Rationale: The Delegates are supportive of the gauge with the 2% cap and look forward to ongoing participation from Silo Finance in the future.

[BIP-227] Upsize BAL allocation in Ribbon Finance Treasury Vault

Vote: Abstain

Rationale: The Delegate Council felt that although the vault has returned some excellent results thus far, and the strategy appears to be performing well, that the risk was not worth risking more treasury funds for. Market volatility has been highly unpredictable in the current macro environment and although the delegates are supportive of the current plan, under BIP-24, they felt that increasing the allocation was not in the interests of the DAO from a risk to reward perspective.

[BIP-228] Enable bb-t-MATIC Gauge [Polygon]

Vote: No

Rationale: The Aura Delegate Council did not feel that this proposal from Tetu was in the best long-term interests of the Balancer ecosystem.