StableNode Delegate Thread

Hey everyone,

I am applying on behalf of StableNode.

ENS name: stablenodegov.eth


Name: StableNode

Discord username/TG username: bobbay#4885

We have read and understood the Delegate process: Yes

We understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes

Our reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

StableNode is a governance research and investment firm focused on the DeFi and NFT space. StableNode also provides a full suite of services around governance with both implementation and active participation as a delegate.

The Governance Lab of the StableNode team is on a mission to provide decentralized governance best practices to ecosystems. There is no one-size-fits-all solution but a framework of principles and tools that articulate alternative paths based on each ecosystem’s maturity level. Our primary focus is working with the community to develop this framework and continue to facilitate innovation within this domain.

Our view on Fernando’s vision for Balancer:

We see it as a journey of exploration and experimentation as Balancer expands beyond its role as a leader as an AMM, instead becoming a tool for protocols to reach their own vision. Open source protocols like Balancer are the greatest contributors to the space as they prioritize collaboration over competition, and this is why we look forward to being a delegate at Balancer.

We recognize the importance of clear and concise communication to reduce the obstacles of adoption and with our experience on governance and growth, we could help support Balancer in this domain.

Collaboration is essential in this space and we believe that Balancer shares a similar goal to StableNode to pushing the boundaries of Web3 in a safe and sustainable way. We understand the importance and the influence of Delegates as we are active delegates at various protocols.

We believe that partnerships are vital for adoption as many protocols aren’t aware of all the options available, due to the overwhelming amount of information available. Reaching out to protocols or providing grants is a great way to encourage adoption. In combination with liquidity mining, this is a great way to attract protocols.

Our web3 interests:

DAOs, Data and analytics, DeFi, Governance, Social impact

Languages we speak/write:

en, ko, da, de, es, zh

Our skills and areas of expertise: Governance and Growth

At StableNode we currently act as governance delegates across various protocols such as InstadApp, Klaytn, MakerDAO, and others. We are looking forward to participating as a Balancer delegate and would focus on strategic initiatives and experimentation to tackle common governance problems such as plutocracy and voter apathy and help build a decentralized workforce.

Having participated in the MakerDAO governance community for a long time, we have developed a systematic and robust approach to governance in decentralized networks. Creating principles that optimize the objective outcome of the decision-making process is key to successful governance.

Here are a few key highlights of our success so far:

  • Supported Klaytn and Polygon in accelerating the growth of their ecosystem
  • Recognized Delegate at MakerDAO
  • Lead Governance Delegate at InstaDapp

Other web3 projects we are involved in:

MakerDAO, Element Finance, Klaytn, Polygon, and others.

What voters can expect from StableNode:

We will use our expertise to import the most promising practices within governance to guide Balancer governance to a more sustainable approach.

We want to help facilitate discussions where we can identify the best practices and recognize how to tackle core problems within governance such as plutocracy, voter apathy, and lack of experimentation.

As delegates, we pursue:

  • Active participation in votes
  • Transparency for each vote
  • Open discussion and contribution to the DAO forum
  • Contribute to the innovation and development of governance frameworks

Conflicts of Interest

StableNode acts as delegates on other protocols. All of our governance participation is public.


Introduce ChildChainGaugeTokenAdder

Vote: Yes

It’s important to get gauges working on other chains in a safe and secure manner.

Send back 3CRV stuck to Stake Dao Multisig Address

Vote: Yes

Clear answer. We should support StakeDAO in recovering their tokens.

TribeDAO: boost delegation

Vote: Yes

No risk to us and it builds a good relationship with Tribe. This migration supports them greatly.

Allocate BAL to a Ribbon Finance Vault

Vote: No

It is quite a big risk for such a small reward. For 12% of our treasury, we should consider the worst-case scenario and that is losing over $4m which is a large sum. We could reconsider using 5% of the treasury, lower reward but less exposure.

I think it is great to explore different opportunities like these but the risk is too much and we can explore safer options. For future situations, it would be good to see more simulations using a variety of balances and outcomes so we have various outlooks.

Hi @Bobbay_StableNode, it’s great to see StableNode here!

I apologize if this has been mentioned somewhere that I missed, what is the address your using for voting and being a delegate?

Hey @LongJuanSilverado, here it is.

ENS name: stablenodegov.eth

or address: 0x1D1a13b16667c284b87de62CAEEfF0ce89E342B2

Both should work

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[BIP-1] Operating Framework for Balancer DAO

Vote: Yes

A good start in the direction of formalizing working groups.

[BIP-2] Allowlist GnosisDAO’s treasury in VotingEscrow

Vote: Yes

Gnosis is a long-term partner and it will great to see them get involved in governance.

[BIP-3] Allocate BAL towards Ethereum<>Optimism Bridge Liquidity

Vote: Yes

Great way to help users avoid the 7-day withdrawal period.

[BIP-4] Implement New Gauge Requirements

Vote: Yes

This sets a good standard for the future and hopefully prevents further situations similar to the incident outlined in the proposal.

[BIP-5] Tribe DAO: Unclaimed BAL Rewards

Vote: Yes

Even though it is a Tribes mistake it is a sign of good faith from Balancer.

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[BIP-6] Execute SNX Recovery Coordinator

Vote: Yes

This is necessary to help the “affected funds”

Proposals 7-13

We voted yes on all of the proposals. Most were around whitelisting or enabling gauges except proposal 9.

Proposal 9: Due to the increase in veBAL supply, it makes sense to increase the quorum to 200k.

We have some worry that not all votes will pass as there might be decreased participation due to current market conditions. We need to make it easier for people to delegate, so there is more active voting power to pass proposals.

Vote: Yes

This helps the DAO become more autonomous and it is a sign of our first steps to further decentralization, especially with SPs.

Vote: Yes

This will help contribute to Balancer. We believe that this gauge will help increase revenue to the protocol.

Vote: Yes

An increased pool of reliable signers would help. Especially in the case of an emergency.

Vote: Yes
It is only right that we honour our agreements to agreed-upon situations.

Vote: Yes
They are a key part of the organisation and contribute to many departments. We look forward to seeing the maxi team expand in the future.