Wildfire DAO Delegate Thread

Hey everyone,

I am applying on behalf of Wildifre DAO https://twitter.com/Wildfire_DAO

ENS Name: wildfire.eth

Name: Wildfire DAO

Discord Username/Telegram Username: keneeze.eth🔥_💸#6984 / keneeze

I have read and understood the Delegate process: Yes

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes

Our reasons for wanting to be a delegate: Wildfire is an extension of Fire Eyes :fire:_​:fire:, a service DAO created by James Waugh, Coopahtroopa, 0xLucas, and gladstonecallum. Fire Eyes :fire:_​:fire: has been involved in DAO’s since 2017, helping create best practices for coordination and governance participation.

Fire Eyes :fire:_​:fire: has played a vital role in the launches of numerous DAOs such as ENS, Gitcoin, and SuperRare, and has been an active participant in governance across other Web3 projects such as Aave, Balancer, and Rocket Pool.

Wildfire DAO has been created to help scale these contributions.

Wildfire is a meta-governance initiative designed to help align incentives in Web3. Our growing team of contributors across the DeFi, Public Goods, Creator Economy, and Infrastructure Operator groups aim to tackle the challenges facing DAOs such as token design, governance, coordination, business development, growth and community building.

Wildfire DAO members across these four groups have begun to take the first steps towards achieving these goals through:

  • Connecting with the core teams & contributors on a recurring basis
  • Writing governance proposals
  • Participating in community calls
  • Updating the wider Wildfire network on protocol developments
  • Working with new projects to enable them to leverage Wildfire’s expertise

As DeFi Operators, we believe we have the skillset to aid Element in pursuing its mission and executing on its roadmap.

Our core contributors are:

  • Ben Giove - Analyst at Bankless, Methodologist for Index Coop and Bankless DAO

  • keneeze.eth - Kene was the Index Coop Meta-Governance Rep for Compound before flexible contributions were discontinued, he has worked with the Content and Governance Pod at Index Coop as a Contributor, he also has a deep interest in Meta-Governance and has written about the subject in depth.

  • Song - Song has extensive experience in traditional finance and in the blockchain industry and employs best practices while navigating the lack of regulatory clarity in DeFi.

The three of us bring together a unique set of experiences and expertise that we believe will help us make tangible contributions to Wildfire DAO while adhering to the Web3 ethos of transparency, collaboration, and decentralization.

Our view on Fernando’s vision 4 for Balancer: We believe that Fernando’s vision is clear and inspiring, from all indications Balancer is on the right track. By allowing customization of pools and allowing individuals and protocols build on top of Balancer, the protocol has become more than just an AMM.

One of the things that we find most exciting about Balancer is how much value it is creating for veBAL holders, by leveraging Aura Finance and Hidden Hand, the Balancer ecosystem has been able to create additional incentives for vote locking BAL, in addition to this, the protocol wastes no time enabling innovation that does not bring direct value to the protocol, a clear example comes with killing off the CREAM Gauge and shutting down the unused gauges as well, in the long term we believe that Balancer will become an AMM that other AMM’s build on top of, the market is gradually understanding that BAL is grossly underpriced in comparison to the innovation unfolding on Balancer.

In summary we believe that Balancer Labs plays an important role in the underlying technology that supports everything built on balancer, we believe the team made an excellent choice in allowing the community submit their ideas to the to the grants committee list of requests for proposals, the team’s focus of building platform features that enables other DAOs build on top of balancer, signals the untapped market that is DAO to DAO DeFi, we believe that Balancer is extremely early, and we are glad we can be a part of it as Wildfire.

Our web3 interests: DeFi Bribes, Tokenimics, Growth Strategies and Risk Management

Languages I speak/write: English

Other web3 projects we are involved in: Aave and Element