What does the Balancer Pool Token (BPT) amount mean?

Hi All,

Balancer newbie here. I noticed each Liquidity pool has this Balancer Pool Token with an amount on it.

Is this the daily / weekly / or monthly value of Liquidity Mining share for BPT tokens? Or does it mean something else?

example in the Pool Management UI in this page:

Thanks in advance for answering this.

I think it’s the current value of a single BPT using coingecko pricing. You mention daily/weekly/monthly, and yes people have mentioned how that value won’t be in sync with the ‘My Asset Value’ and I’m not sure how current that top left value is.

The value of BPT itself is a bit arbitrary in that 100 BPT are minted for whatever the pool was created with. If someone started a pool with 0.01 wbtc then each BPT might be worth $4. This pool was started with 114 wbtc and equivalent in ETH so each BPT is worth the $177k/BPT or so.

Some sites that have been helpful in tracking pool values,

Helpful for checking pool stats and BAL rewards, https://pools.vision/

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Thanks @jnapier. It makes a lot of sense now.