Where are my BPT tokens?

Hi everyone,
please help a newbie. I just added liquidity to a pool, signed all contracts and have a balance of 60 BPTs showing up at the Balancer website. However, no BPT is showing up in my wallet (metamask). I added manually the BPT contract (0x0e511Aa1a137AaD267dfe3a6bFCa0b856C1a3682) but it shows zero funds.
Please help.

I have the same issue?

Can you see your BPT tokens on etherscan.io? (Switch to the ERC-20 tab)
I doubt metamask will show them by default because each pool has a separate contract—but there is probably a way to see them. However, it’s better to check etherscan where it shows everything.

You should use other app, such as zerion or zapper finance and you will most likely see them.