[PROPOSAL] Reduce Voting Lock time to 5 days


I’d like to suggest to reduce voting lock time from 10 days to 5 days. This will give the opportunity to the veBaller to change where send incentivating fees without wait two cycles.

Reducing locking time will improve the Bal battle and increase bribes for veBallers

No particular risks on this

I’m pretty sure this is a limitation of the Curve contracts which were deployed on Balancer. The team didn’t want to really change anything with those contracts since they are considered “battle tested”. Someone can correct me if i’m wrong.

I can’t see any particular issues on reducing to 5 days the votes for weekly protocol fees. What kind of attack can be possible with 5 days votes delay? Anyone could enlight on this? I can see only more reactivity on what happen around the protocol fees. Can’t even see any particular difficulty to change a parameter from 10 to 5 technically speaking but probably i’m wrong on this too?

One thing to keep in mind is that this is not an updatable parameter of the system. Changing it would require a redeployment of the gauge controller (the contract keeps track of how many votes each gauge has received).

the redeployment of the gauge controller means that veBallers have to vote again right? this not imply to restake the veBal right? If so i don’t see particular disconfort for the users that due to the bribes usually reallocate votes every two weeks. Anyone could correct me if it’s wrong?