[Proposal] Fund Vested Payments for Ballers

The Ballers are a group of passionate Balancer advocates whose primary goal is to build an engaged community around the protocol. That can take many forms and I encourage anyone who wants more context to give this update I recently published a quick read: https://davis-ramsey.medium.com/the-ballers-summer-update-b3fd24cf55b9


Recently Fernando suggested we increase the “Ballery” from 100 BAL/month to 500 BAL/month with 60% long term vested (1y cliff, 1y linear vest period via Sablier) and 40% liquid. This was met with broad support on an informal basis. Ballers have the option to take a full or half Ballery and you can see the current breakdown of who’s taking what here: https://www.notion.so/63091677228841de9fa909139e60362f?v=a7852fc9da684a5a834934e5215edd6d

This is the most members the Ballers have ever had, and commensurately I expect the program to execute and deliver positive results in the community more effectively than we ever have. It is important to have oversight and to be accountable for the spend - the grants committee is 3/5 Ballers so we wanted to avoid the appearance of impropriety by going to them.

On that note, grants committee members also get paid 200 BAL per month liquid. Given I selected a full Ballery for myself and I also plan to serve on the grants committee, I will forfeit my grants payment back to the grants pool as a full Ballery alone is a significant amount.


The liquid portion of the Ballery has been fully funded for the next 3 months, we only need to fund the vested portion of the payments this time. Three months from now, I will make a proposal to fund both the liquid AND vested portions for the following three months.

We need 5,400 BAL to fully fund vested Balleries for the next 3 months. I think it’s also important for the Ballers to have a spending fund we can use to reward community members who distinguish themselves on an ad-hoc basis and to run some community events like the POAP design competition. Thus I will ask for an even 6,000 BAL with 5,400 going towards vested Ballers and 600 going to the Baller spending fund (requires 2 ballers to agree, I custody funds secured by my ledger wallet).

Easiest way is to probably just send me 6,000 BAL and I will get the vesting contracts sorted out but open to any better ideas.

Final Notes

Of course anyone is free to suggest this amount be lowered, personally I believe the best course of action is to move forward at this level and re-assess in 3 months. Expectations have been set at this amount and while I’m certain no one would complain about lowering, it’s a bit of a rug and would hurt morale in my opinion. In 3 months when we come to renew, a more serious cost/benefit discussion can take place if the community feels it appropriate.

  • Yes, fund with 6,000 BAL
  • No, we need to lower this amount

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