[Proposal] Balancer.vision


The proposal in one sentence

An advanced charting UI for Balancer: live prices, watchlist, alerts, statistics, trade historic, etc…


What problem it solves

Advanced charting tools are key to grow the DEX ecosystem. Investors, traders, liquidity providers need the most accurate and digestible data to guide their decision making.

The dex.vision team has been developing multiple DeFi-related applications over the past few months including uniswap.vision which provides tradingview-like experience for Uniswap prices. It has rapidly grown to ~50k MAUs offering 200 pairs (new pairs are continuously added).

We’ve started partnering with some of the top dexes and we’re now in the process of unifying our charting solutions across dexes under the dex.vision umbrella.


What will be done, what are the deliverables

With Balancer flexible multi-assets pools, we’re expanding our solution to add additional insight onto the data being presented to users: the average volume/fees/slippage across pools, how distributed a given pair is across pools, etc…

  • Free prototype (PHASE 1):

    • Basic Tradingview-like UI for Balancer prices
    • Prices for top 10 pairs aggregates across the top 3 pools (based on liquidity)
    • Basic statistics for each pairs
    • Web (mobile friendly)
    • Data refresh: 1 min
    • Hosted at dex.vision/balancer
  • Grant-supported solution (PHASE 2):

    • Advanced Tradingview-like UI for Balancer prices: watchlist, alerts
    • All pairs that meet minimum liquidity levels ($100k for example) aggregated across the top 10 pools
    • Advanced statistics for each pairs
    • Web (mobile friendly)
    • Data refresh: live
    • CTA to balancer.exchange.
    • Latest trades details
    • Balancer-themed UI
    • Hosted at dex.vision/balancer and balancer.vision
    • Promoted to the existing uniswap.vision audience (50k+ active users)

Side note: we’re also planning to build a dedicated mobile application. All the above will be added to the app without any additional cost.

Directional mock-ups

Note that this is our very first draft and it is likely to change. Our solution focuses on providing users with a professional charting experience. The view below simply showcases the advanced insights that could enrich this experience.


Timeline and milestones with requested payment schedule in BAL (subject to vesting) or DAI/USDC

September 2020
Phase 1 done.
We’ll go through a few feedback sessions with the community to make sure with aligned for the following phase.

October 2020:
Phase 2 done.
Grant amount requested:

  • Initial delivery + maintenance for 1 year: $80k, 100% locked for a 1 year in a 80:20 BAL/ETH liquidity pool. Open to negotiation.
  • Maintenance for subsequent years: $20k per year, 100% locked for a 1 year in a 80:20 BAL/ETH liquidity pool. Open to negotiation.


The project will be hosted at dex.vision/balancer and balancer.vision


Team members and their roles in the project and backgrounds

Stef Codjia
Role: Product
Linkedin: stefcco
CEO & Co-founder at Staker
PM roles at Google for the past 7 years

Sam Presnal
Role: Engineering
Linkedin: sampresnal
CTO & Co-founder at Staker
Founder at uniswap.vision

This I believe is a very cool concept and will be very useful.

Do you currently have any analytics to understand user behaviour for people using the current platform? So things like:

  • How many of the unique MAUs actually clicks through the uniswap (lets say this is a “conversion rate”)
  • What does the retention cohort look like for MAUs?

Other Features?

  • Being built off TradingView - is there the ability to do single click trade via the graph? (Very very optional, nice to have feature request lol)
  • Historical data: even if there is some basic ohlc that you can download into CSV would be important for those retail traders looking for data
  • Orderbook display: we had a chat about it so won’t go into detail but some form of “simulation” of orderbook for volume depth would be useful


Thanks for submitting your proposal.

2 questions:

  1. Would you be able to build a simulation page where users can backrun IL (if I invested X usd on this date, what would my IL be as of today)? Same question for fee revenue.

  2. Would you be able to add support for calculating each pool’s APY (including all the different factors) with up to date formulas?

Sounds like someone else proposed similar idea, with some of the features mentioned. Not sure who was first but seems pointless doing 2 projects with same ideas been worked on. But saying that balancer really needs a lot more tools to view stats and data, to make it a lot easier for people entering and using the protocol.