[Proposal] Appoint Reptile Presidente as the spokesperson to run the @balancer Twitter account on behalf of the community


In one of the baller calls, the @balancer Twitter handle came up and the ballers nominated Reptile Presidente (who currently runs the Balancer Intern handle) to run the @balancer handle on behalf of the community.

The Proposal:

Appoint Reptile Presidente as the spokesperson to run the @balancer Twitter account on behalf of the community.

Reptile Presidente will have a responsibility to the community to uphold the brand & the community has the right to remove ownership if they deem it the responsibility is not being met.

The ballers have the authority to replace the spokesperson for any reason and the spokesperson agrees to promptly adhere with any such vote before any appointment is effective.

The spokesperson agrees to abide by all Twitter account requirements and applicable laws. All posts will be factually accurate and endeavor to create a positive reputation for the community as designated.

A spokesperson is designated for the following purpose:

  • To represent the community interests.
  • To promote community identified topics.
  • Thought leadership for defi.
  • Decentralise communication channels for the Balancer Protocol.

The @balancerlabs account is a representative of BLabs. The @balancer twitter should be a representative of the Balancer Community.

The new account would still uphold the brand standard but would be a community initiative. As a result we would aim to publish:

  • Educational threads on Balancer Protocol and all its features.
  • Educational threads on projects built on top of Balancer Protocol.
  • Fun social campaigns.
  • More content for DeFi Degens.
  • Providing some extra support.
  • More content around liquidity mining, LBPs.
  • Promoting governance votes.

A spokesperson agrees to avoid the following:

  • To participate in or encourage manipulation of any market or asset transactions.
  • To participate in or encourage any fraudulent or illegal activity.
  • To defame any individuals or companies/organizations.
  • Post on the Twitter account for one’s personal interest(s) instead of for the community’s interest(s).

I fully support this proposal. @ReptilePresidente demonstrated, during his time within the Baller group, to be a great asset by posting engaging content and increasing Brand Awaerness among twitter users.

This is the next, natural step forward to empower him and give the Balancer Community an official Twitter Channel.


I support as well. This is a good starting point if nothing else


This proposal has the full support of Balancer Labs’ marketing team! Long overdue IMO for the community to have a voice on social and @ReptilePresidente is the right person for this task.


@ReptilePresidente is doing incredible work and I fully support this proposal as well


You have my full support, Mr. Reptile :crocodile: