[Proposal] Allowlist Aura Finance in Balancer VotingEscrow

Excited to see this pass

Full support here! Excited to see this take off

Interesting one, the first take towards the bal war.

Thank you for your proposal, happy to see this being discussed.

I second Tom’s points, in particular:

If the smart contracts are not yet ready and the team needs funding to get them across the finish line, I would support some arrangement that provides the team with those funds, decoupling it from the allowlisting proposal. But for that we’d need to know more about the Aura team

Unless I’m missing something it looks like at this point all we have is a forum post from someone who claims to be 0xMaki, while Maki’s twitter profile makes no mention to this proposal or any affiliation with Aura. Aura’s twitter profile also isn’t of much help with respect to establishing the reputation of the team.

To make matters worse, this post has been “flooded” with supportive one-liner messages from first time posters who just joined the forum, which should always raise red flags.

Scams in this space are a dime a dozen, and the Balancer community must stay vigilant.


this is the way. I Support this proprosal

exciting, cant wait for this

voted yes :100: to @0xMaki

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press “like” button, u idiot
ps: voted :>

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Full support for this proposal!

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I support this proposal

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Great proposal! There’s no reason anyone shouldnt support this!

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Yes! Let it be! Lets go MAKI

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Amazing to see this proposal!

I do echo @markus’s concerns.
Furthermore, although we’re all supportive, we should take some time to discuss the details of the Aura system. How is this different from Convex? What would the second order effects of those differences for the other projects be?

Convex seems like a necessary layer to Curve’s veCRV system, but it’s had its downsides on that ecosystem as well. Although, Maki’s ethics are proven in the space and one would expect those ethics to be reflected in Aura, we should still take the time to discuss how Balancer and Aura will be coexisting in the world where Aura becomes the largest stakeholder in Balancer. This is especially important if Aura will be a multisig similar to Convex.


Two questions:

  1. Can we confirm that this is 0xMaki himself, if not? That would be a terrible scam, forgive my malicious guess;
  2. At present, Aura’s website has no product, and Github does not have any code. We should not vote at this time.

love it. when will be the final voring?

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Could you please expand on this? I’m not sure I understand what you mean by it

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Hey @0xMaki, a few things I would like to talk about:

Since this proposal is quite complex in what it entails I suggest having it split into multiple snapshot votes eventually. Currently I view these being:

  • Allow Aura finance contract as part of the veBAL system.
  • Grant a grant of 300k to Aura finance to be used for security audits.

I would appreciate a bit more views on the grant to token allocation amount. Balancer DAO would have a cost of $300k for a 2% token allocation of Aura. Excluding potential monetary benefits the aura system has on the balancer ecosystem, this would value the Aura token at $15M?

If community members think the $300k grant might be too high for a 2% token allocation, this is an excellent opportunity to speak up.

One could for example argue that the Balancer ecosystem existing is already a value driver for Aura (once it exists) and therefore this value driver the Balancer ecosystem has for aura could already be valued at x% of Aura tokens.

This is a great opportunity for the Balancer ecosystem to bring forward arguments why the Balancer treasury should get a higher token percentage allocation. I am curious to hear other people’s thoughts.


voted yes. look forward to this. Wgmi

Really glad to hear the feedback surrounding this proposal. I’ve waited making sure all of the pain points were being lifted to carefully address them all at once.

Spoke with 0xMaha CTO of Aura we will have the contract that are relevant open and verified, there is some competitive aspects that should be protected considering the environment we are operating revealing everything to spawn 2-3 competitors isn’t something we are particularly fond of.

Wanted to address Markus point about not disclosing on social medias, I wanted to refrain from creating speculative overdrive and keep this “alpha” to folks following closely Balancer ecosystem, this isn’t just my work but preparations from a team of 4-5 devs that deserve every bits of recognition and it was understood communications were to be made by Aura official twitter account regardless will post it on my main to make everyone confident about who I am.

2% to bootstrap a token holder base since this is a fair launched project it is essential to have a broad user base that have been exposed to DeFi and incentivize them to participate in Aura by giving them ownership of the protocol more details will be shared if this proposal go forward.

Regarding the grant we can also have this has a short term loan and repay back the treasury if this is controversial, one audit was quoted at 155k for 6 weeks of work to give some perspective.

Proposal seems pretty straightforward and happy to champion it in this current form to Snapshot.


Voted yes! the war is comingggg

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