PowerIndex Grant for Balancer Community

Hi, Balancer community. We are launching a Defi index soon, and possibly your protocol token will be approved to be a participant of the index by our community. The Index is entirely governed by the community (token set, weights, internal fees). Also, the index will use all pooled tokens for votings in composite protocols (we call it meta-governance) and for the Vault strategies as well. All profits will be distributed to the holders of the index token, representing the basket of assets inside the index.

We are notifying that we will distribute 1% of TTS to the community of every protocol, which will be approved by our community. It is done for one purpose - provide your community governance rights to manage the index (together with other protocols from the index). More info about all this stuff is here.

Have a nice day and feel free to ask questions if there are any.

Best regards,

The PowerPool team