OpCo Product Team - January 2024 Update

A summary of design & development activity and KPIs for the OpCo product team in January 2024.


Our focus in January has been to get the v3 app into an MVP state. That is, to have a network-agnostic pool explorer, pool detail pages, and core pool actions (add/remove/stake/unstake) for standard (weighted/stable) v2 pools. At the end of January we had probably covered 90% of this work. However, unstaking is still being worked on as we speak and should be completed by mid-February.

Additional work on the v3 app in January included:

  • Adding the Swap UI
  • Kicking off a new portfolio page that will be multi-network and incorporate reward claiming.


Below is a high-level list of design activities in January.

  • Brand design and work on UI theming.
  • Continued UX/UI design work on the V3 web app.
  • New mobile designs for key experiences.
  • Better warnings for rate providers on the V2 app.
  • Consideration of how to improve the ‘Add liquidity’ experience for stable swaps.


= 1 - (‘fatal’ errors / total successful txs)

Where ‘fatal’ is a label applied to errors recorded in a transaction flow, and total successful txs are recorded via analytics events.


  • Ad blockers prevent error recording and analytics.
  • Some % errors are user/wallet-controlled errors we haven’t excluded yet.
  • Total fatal errors: ~5,534 (prev. 7,838)
  • Total successful txs: ~86,703 (prev. 109,374)

This KPI has improved slightly since last reported in December at 92.8%. This improvement can be attributed to the reduction of an issue with the swap UI causing higher than usual “UNPREDICTABLE GAS LIMIT” errors. We are still investigating this issue and will hopefully have it fixed or greatly reduced in early February. We will continue to monitor and fix failed transaction issues to get this KPI as close to 100% as possible.

Note that our primary focus is on the v3 app development. When critical errors come up that can be fixed we will do this ASAP. The errors we are seeing that prevent us from reaching 100% error-free rate are non-trivial to replicate and fix.

Full results:

Taken from this article about what makes a good NPS score: “If your NPS is higher than 30, that would indicate that your company is doing great and has far more happy customers than unhappy ones.”.

As can be seen in the general trend chart above the NPS score has remained fairly constant at around the 50-60 level with a slight drop in December which could also potentially be attributed to the swap UI issue explained in the previous KPI.

Full results:

Lighthouse is reporting a slight decrease in our performance metric, down from 83 in December. We don’t believe this is the result of any significant changes we have made and must be related to a change in how Lighthouse is measuring performance or network conditions at the time of recording. The performance of the home page is similar or exactly the same as last month.

Note, Lighthouse scores can be relatively unreliable. However, for our purposes, they serve as useful benchmarks by highlighting any significant issues or improvements that may have been introduced.

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