Karpatkey Delegate Thread

Voting Actions 2024 - February 5th – February 9th

Proposal: [BIP-542] Enable svETH/wstETH gauge [Ethereum]
Vote: Yes, let’s do it
Reasoning: Balancer is focusing on being the house of interest-bearing token pools, and we support this move. In addition to that, the protocol will incentivise the pool of voting markets

Proposal: [BIP-543] Enable gauge for sFRAX/FRAX on [Arbitrum]
Vote: Yes, let’s do it
Reasoning: This is a Gyro-E concentrated liquidity pool, and the proposal asks for an uncapped gauge. It will provide another swap option for FRAX, and we support the proposal.

Proposal: [BIP-544] Linear Pool Hack Restituion
Vote: Yes, let’s do it
Reasoning: Whilst we supported the proposal, we would like to point out that we believe that 100% restitution would be the best outcome here, as we pointed out in our comment on the forum.