Is it possible to blacklist transactions?

I got scamed:
That is the money from me:

Is it possible to block something like this?

Not at the protocol level… There are a number of wallets that do better or worse jobs of protecting you from scams.

I use Rabby. It has a list of known sites, and makes you sign off on lots of warnings if you’re going somewhere that isn’t known. It’s a browser extension by debank, you can find it in the chrome store.

Thanks for the answer!

If you can track funds to a centralized exhange and have filed a police report you may have some hope.

I just got scammed in a similar matter. Got a a fake email from unstoppable domains, clicked on it, connected my metamask but rejected the transaction approval requests. A few minutes later all my staked matic (on polygon) and ens (on etherium) were gone.
Is there any way to stop/revert this?
Polygon tr hash:

No as earlier responses. Your best bet is to file police report and hope you can track funds to a centralized exchange. If they can locate them there they can be frozen pending litigation. This is why everyone always says never click email and never sign unless you audit tx/signature…if you rejected transaction it should have not happened though. If it did then im guessing you didnt have hardware wallet and it went through even if you hit cancel.

Avoided countless scams, just let my guards down for a minute and it was enough to get hit :cry:
Is it possible that the first pop I accepted I gave permission to send/spend tokens?
The second pop up (transaction approval request) I rejected as MM had a warning message. After that disconnected from the site. On polygonscan Transaction Method shows Transaction ID 0xcebc2af4
I havent seen this before, normally it says deposit, tranfer etc.