Looking for some help with unstaking

Hi, each time I try to unstake I get a message “Transaction failed”. I’m using plenty of gas. I can’t figure this out. Is there any way to get information about why the transaction is failing, or to get some help with this?
Thank you

Do you have some more information? maybe wallet address / pool / network?

Pool is wstETH-rETH-sfrxETH StablePool
Pool contract is 0x5aEe1e99fE86960377DE9f88689616916D5DcaBe
Wallet is 0xfBaB1825A67e4A624428AFea04Bff76CB0A977C1
Network is Ethereum
Wallet is on Metamask, secured by Ledger

Hi, I posted some more information. Any thoughts about this?

Hey it looks like you were able to withdraw. Did you unstake via contracts on etherscan or switch browsers? Feedback would be helpful for future cases.