Paid transaction fee without swap occuring

It’s not a large transaction so I am not freaking out but it did burn the last of my ETH. I always like to test exchanges before going all in. I am just curious where the $12 went and what it paid for? Why is it setup to allow transaction fees when nothing occurred?

Hi there mate,

I already answered this in a different thread, but I’ll repost here for convenience:

From the transaction that you shared, it looks like that you only approved the USDC token for trading, but didn’t actually perform the trade yet.

Depending on how up to date you are with the Ethereum development, there is now an extra step involved when interacting with the protocol’s smart contracts, where you need to approve an ERC20 token first to be used from your wallet for the dApp in question.

You can give an “infinite approval” where you allow the contract to use as many tokens as it wants to, or you have to perform this extra step every single time, when you approve only the amount to be used.

This blog post might help understand this further, but there might be better explanations out there.

I hope this helps, and let me know if you need any further help with this :innocent:

У меня тоже сняли комиссию в эфирах а свопа не было Обидно терять деньги и как их вернуть ?