Erro in GAS fee

Hello Balancer, i have a problem, i want swap Dai 331,36741 to XhdX 4221 but Swaping was fail if i pay Gas fee 86 dollars. I sendig you transaction ID 0xb05cd00e3dbc20c0de964d5bd6dbe3878603210bce393420fb5fe61857a9f677
My 86 dollar in Etherum is lost, but my Xhdx doesnt come to my metamask :frowning:
Pleas write me, i want my XhdX. THX

I have the same problem. I have swaped DAI to xHDX but the token didn’t came to my METAMASK wallet. But the gas fee was debited from the wallet - 66.92 USD.
Link of transaction: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Please contact me via email.

thank you!

Transactions on Ethereum can fail to execute as specified. And when they do fail, it still costs gas. Unfortunately, in the current gas environment, where gas prices are 10x what they were just a few months ago due to increased network demand, this means that failed transactions can be quite costly. This resource explains the reasoning for this model, and it applies universally to everything on Ethereum:

On Balancer specifically, the most common cause of a failed transaction is volatile price action. When you submit a transaction, you specify a limit to the price slippage you are willing to incur on the swap. By default, this limit is set at 0.5%, which is a nice compromise in most markets between success probability and swap pricing. But you can set it to whatever you’d like using the gear icon on the swap page.

The reason for this limit is that, if you accepted infinite slippage, someone could spot your transaction in the mempool and make a “sandwich attack” on you. This user would buy a ton of xHDX, then let your transaction go through (so you’ve now bought at a much more expensive price than you were quoted on the UI), and then the user would sell xHDX at the markup created by your purchase to turn a quick profit. So slippage tolerance is very important. Of course, every once in a while, in a volatile market, a transaction will fail. That stinks but it’s the best-case scenario.