How long does it take to swap eth to USDC

How long does it take to swap ETH to USDC?

Murat C.

not long , just go out and make a cup of tea and when you are back at your P.C the trade will be done

I am just trying to SWAP between ETH to USDc. I believe I have left enough ETH to pay the gas fees. (0.1 ETH) Could there be other issues that I need to double check?

Murat C.

you should have plenty of GAS fee. sometimes I just resend the trade if it has not worked as my internet plays up a bit. but good luck should be straight forward.

It has been more than 20 minutes. Shouldn’t it be giving an error or warning message?

20 minutes too long just try again.

I use Blockchain Transaction Visualizer - to watch my transactions.
By ‘Following’ my wallet address it’ll show me transactions involving my address and where I am in the Blockchain Queue. If sending a trade transaction this can be helpful to estimate both what gas you need to send and how competitive the gas is at the moment. Although, that can change in a moment.