Governance Pledge to the Balancer Ecosystem

Balancer Labs and its management to the extent under my direction (“We” or “us”) pledge to:

  1. avoid conflicts of interests with the Balancer Protocol and ecosystem;
  2. confer the power to determine the Balancer community’s future in holders of the BAL Token who are aligned with the best interests of the Balancer Protocol and ecosystem; and
  3. otherwise commit to decentralized governance and decision-making as the Balancer Protocol grows and evolves.

To that end, and to avoid undue influence over the Balancer Protocol, we commit to continue to operate in accordance with and promote the following principles:

We will not

  • Take actions designed to harm the Balancer Protocol including misuse of non-public information or take ownership or control for our own benefit at the expense of the Balancer Protocol and ecosystem
  • Interfere with the ecosystem except to maintain and promote the Balancer Protocol’s functionality as directed by the community
  • Vote on proposals or participate in discussions related to the value of BAL Tokens

We will

  • Promote public transparency and build trust in the Balancer ecosystem, with the goals of enabling the general public to: understand the Balancer Protocol’s functionality; audit and identify bugs in the Balancer Protocol; and view all transaction activity
  • Encourage broad permissionless access to the Balancer Protocol
  • Support use of third-party interfaces for wider access to the Balancer Protocol

Always worthy to say out loud!

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