Enable PAL/USDC 80/20 Gauge [Ethereum]

Gauge Proposal Template:

Whitelist for veBAL voting PAL-USDC pool gauge

References/Useful links:


Protocol Description:
Paladin is a governance lending protocol aiming to become the leading influence market and democratize activism.
Up to date, we have released a lending market for stkAave (now the 6th largest holder of stkAave) and a Curve gauge & boost marketplace managing over 5M veCRV.

Paladin already has a tight history with Balancer. The PAL token was made transferable via an LBP on Balancer via Prime Launch. The Balancer pool has been there since the beginning but has failed to grow larger.
We want to use BAL incentives via the gauge to attract more users to provide liquidity alongside our DAO and make this pool become the main stablecoin <> PAL bridge.


  1. Governance: Paladin DAO is governed by holders of PAL, through snapshot votes and forum proposals.


  1. Oracles: None, we use Coingecko.

  2. Audits:
    All daps have been audited.
    Audits - Docs

  3. Centralization vectors: Treasury functions and smart contract proxy updates are controlled through a 5/9 multisig.

  4. Market History: PAL was made transferable on Balancer via a dutch auction and now has liquidity on 3 DEXs on Ethereum (Balancer, Curve & Uniswap). PAL averages 20,000$ of daily volume and has a total depth of ~2M$.

Gauge address: Vyper_contract | Address 0x03de3993f329a6051a593cb0e8a8517329aac816 | Etherscan

I support this proposal. The Paladin team has been nothing but impressive and I am excited for them to get involved in the veBAL ecosystem.

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It seems we posted the wrong gauge, here is the link to the right one: Vyper_contract | Address 0xe3a3ca91794a995fe0bb24060987e73931b15f3d | Etherscan

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mmm you are correct. Other one was PAL/WETH but this topic was for PAL/USDC. I should have caught that, my apologies. That’s what happens when you check things quickly! It is no problem though, we’ll be sure to add PAL/USDC once the vote passes.

Address 0xe3a3ca91794a995fe0bb24060987e73931b15f3d (Vyper_contract | Address 0xe3a3ca91794a995fe0bb24060987e73931b15f3d | Etherscan)
This one?

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Yes, this is the one.