[BIP-96] Enable palStkAAVE/AAVE 80/20 Gauge w/ 2% emissions cap [Ethereum]

This pool is 80% palStkAave and 20% Aave. There are no yield fees applied to palStkAave.

Resources/Useful links:


Github Page

Protocol Description:
palstkAAVE is a liquid wrapper of stkAAVE that auto-compounds AAVE rewards from the Safety Module while also lending out its voting power on Paladin. AAVE & stkAAVE are the governance tokens for Aave.

Price volatility between assets in the pool is irrelevant because you can redeem 1:1 in Paladin and then in the Safety Module.

Paladin needs a liquidity pool between its wrapper and Aave to help users unstake their Aave faster in case of emergencies.


  1. Governance: Find more information about governance on Paladin’s forum.
  2. Oracles: Paladin Price Oracle: PriceOracle | Address 0x0186647A0B419f41C59F60E6291cad230a3ED4BA | Etherscan
  3. Audits: Audits - Docs
  4. Centralization vectors: The Paladin core team can freeze contracts to avoid theft of assets, everything else is managed by a 5/9 multi-sig elected by the Paladin DAO
  5. Value: Balancer will earn protocol fees as well as become a hub for stkAave rapid redeeming.

Link to pool: Balancer

Link to 2% capped gauge: 0x39a9E78c3b9b5B47f1f6632BD74890E2430215Cf


Any updates on this gauge vote?

apologies, forgot we discussed moving forward with this. I edited out the parts about BIP-19 as this pool does not qualify in its current form. Also added the 2% capped gauge. This can go to the governance council this week I think cc @Xeonus